24" vs. 29"

What are the pros and cons of a 24" muni vs. a 29" muni? Also, is it possible to install a bmx handbrake on a uni? The UDC hydraulic brakes are expensive and I’d rather not spend money where I don’t have to

24" smaller, lighter, more manoeuvreable, chunkier tyre selection. Better for technical stuff, and safer on steep descents.

29" bigger, faster, better for distance, less manoeuvreable, better selection of smooth tyres for roads and easy trails.

Think of a 24" as a miltary spec Land Rover, and a 29 as a Japanese 4x4.

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alright thanks, and I did try the search but I didn’t find quite what I was looking for

You can use V-brakes up to about a 2.6" tire, depending on the calipers and tire (not all tires marked the same are actually the same width or hight). You’ll need this addapter.

You can put calipers on up to 2.25 or 2.3", but you’ll need to drill a hole in the frame. Also depends on the caliper you get.

Depending on what type of trails you will be riding will decide if you want a 24 or a 29
If you are doing downhill muni and more aggressive trails get a 24 if you like mild downhill and rolling single track trails get the 29er
I have to say I prefer my KH29 over all