24" Unicycles are Awesome!!!!!

Hi there,

I finally picked up my first 24" unicycle yesterday (after winning it for £15 on eBay - great bargain!) and it is awesome to ride! It feels big to start with, but when riding it feels so much smoother than my 20" unicycle! I’ve also managed to freemount it a few times, so I think it’s great!

However, I should say that switching back to the 20" does make it feel incredibly small! Also, I still struggle to idle more than a couple of times on my 20" unicycle, so idling on my 24" must be really hard!

Anyway, just thought I would let my views be known! Anyone else out there love 24" unicycles?

Take care



My 24" MUni is by far my favorite unicycle. It’s a wonderfully responsive wheel size.

29ers more so :smiley:

29ers are great for XC, but fail epically in technical sections. Ever tried north shore riding on a 29" wheel, not so fun. 24" is great, but 24x3" is even better.

I love my KH MUni; I have it upgraded and it’s everything I could want in a great MUni! I just don’t know if anything bigger than a 24 could handle big drops and sheer hardcore technical as well as a 24, especially mine with a LM 65mm rim! But then again, I’ve done 4’ drops on my radial 36er! One good thing about 26ers is that there’s a zillion tire choices since that’s the common mtb size.

:slight_smile: Glad you’re enjoying your new 24"…I’m exactly the same!

Had my 20" for a couple of months and did everything on it, including commuting the 2-3 miles to uni.

With my 24" long distance is soooo much easier, and you can go so much faster.
When going back to my 20" I feel that, although it is small, I have much more control over it now after having experienced a bigger wheel.

And, I also can’t idle on either yet.:frowning:

24" are great :slight_smile:

I just wish i hadnt spent so much on an expensive 24" when i could have spent half as much and still been able to do everything i do on it…

it also means i could have bought a decent 20" too

I’d love to try out a 29" though

I’ve wondered if maybe I should have done that, but I reckon paying the extra will pay off in the long run. Will last much longer and generally be more funtime muni.

Yeah, it’ll do that! LOL. I spent a few months where I only ever rode my 29er, and most of the time that was in high gear (effective 43.5" diameter). It was a nightmare learning to ride my 20" again! I kept throwing my body forwards at the speed it expected to go, even though the wheel had hardly moved.


Yes, I remember the excitement of my first 24" unicycle. It’s a versatile size and good fun.

But still, tackling technical stuff on a 29 just makes you evermore hardcore! :stuck_out_tongue: