24 Unicycle.com vs. Sun extreme

I’ve been looking to purchase a unicycle and I’m torn on which is the best unicycle to get for my budget, could y’all please weigh in? I’m thinking between a unicycle.com or a Sun extreme model??? The sun model comes with isis crank & axle. I don’t know what kind of crank/axle the UDC model has. Please give all feedback

I take it this will be your first unicycle you are going to learn on?

For a beginner unicycle i would go with a 24” club from UDC. They have cotterless cranks and single-wall rims but thats all you need for learning the basics or just cruising around. If your budget allows, a nimbus II would be the better choice if you think you want to stick with 24”. It has a ISIS hub and doublewall rim so it will take you into more advanced riding/tricks/offroad Without worrying about durability

I have a sun 24” flat top and it is a good wheel and got me started but if i had known about UDC when i was in the market originally (and know what i know now) i would have gone with the club for the better seat and customer service from UDC

If you think a 24” is just what you are going to learn on and then move to a bigger wheel for your second unicycle like i did then don’t worry about the components too much and go cheap but if you think the 24” will be your only ride for awhile then i would go with the nimbus II. (One great thing about cotterless is cheap cranks) i can buy 4 different sets for my 24” vs one set for my ISIS wheels

the uni that i learned on is a Sun Extreme 20". really quite nice and
sturdy for the price. seat is nice also. just put different tire on it.

Beginner Uni…

I started on a cheap Sun 20"…it was inexpensive and did the job. My second Uni was a 24" Diamondback. I’m about 6’ tall and knowing what I know now I would have started on the 24" as it was considerably easier to ride. Don’t spend much on your first Uni as it’ll be your beginner bike. You’ll either give up on learning or you’ll get addicted like me but your first Uni will go to the recycle bin or to a friend that wants to learn to ride.

Thank you

Thank y’all for the input it helped a lot!!!