24" sun unicycle for sale or trade for a good 20"

i got this thinking it was a good deal but relazed its a little big for me so im wanting to get a good 20". i rode this uni for about a week so it does have some scuffs on the saddel but thats it. Carbon-steel frame, Contoured seat with bumper guards, Unicrown (rounded) frame for ease-on-the-knees Cotterless crank arms. if u got an offer of money or trade plz message me. plus u pay shipping thanks

ok I’ll go first. Can you provide more information, like maybe some pictures?
And what do you want in your next 20"? trials, Late model, bombproof, retro?
I have a 20", and would really like a 24".
jus askin
tag…your it

heres a link to a web sight its just like this but black


i cant put an image up idk y. but my uni was brand new when i got it. now has some dings and scratches but thats it. Im new to uni’s so ill take somthing that can suport a 220 lbs person thats really all im looking for. what u got



Not sure what your lookin for, but here is a 20" I have, and of course, I’d like a 24 instead. The Sun you have would do fine for me.
What do you think? Questions? Solutions? Should we proceed?


I see your in Ohio. I’m in Fresno, California 93710. So if interested, we could each pay our own shipping, which would kind of nuetralize the cost of shipping. I realize my isn’t the latest and greatest, but it didn’t cost 400 to 700 dollars either. When I did the upgrade, I remember I did spend about 80 on chrome, 20 on new stickers, n25 on new seat cover, and about 285 + shipping on the monty trials wheel kit, which didn’t include pedals which are newer and better than in the photo.
That aside, whatever the unicycle costs to ship, I’d call it a good trade.
I mean, I’d like a 24 that much.
If it helps, other uni riders here have seen it and rode it.

when the picture pops up, click “previous” and you’ll see it better.

give me sometime to think about it ok.


sorry goldan but i kinda want somthing newer. looks like you have a nice uni just didint catch my eye thank so much for the offer tho.

I have a 20" Schwinn. Chrome frame. Some seat & pedal scuffs but overall in really good condition. Looking for a 24". Can send picks if interested.

yes can i get pics plz