24 Qu-Ax? or 24 Nimbus Muni with KH Cranks?

So I finally convinced my dad to help me buy a 24 muni. And I was originally gonna go with a 24 inch Qu-Ax when WickedBob suggested the Nimbus with KH cranks. Now I have no idea which to go for. I want a sturdy muni that’s worth my 300 dollars. Advice needed!!

Nimbus Muni

I would take the Nimbus with Moments but thats just me, They are both good choices.

Go with the nimbus with moments. The qu-ax is a beasty but Isis is the “new thing” cause you can upgrade it more and stuff

The KH and the Nimbus have the same Hub design… I have a KH 20 Trial and that Hub has been to Hell and Back. I also weigh 225lbs.
I also have a 24 Qu-ax for Downhill it is BOMBPROOF if you plan on doing some major Drops then the Qu-ax… If you are not then get the Nimbus it is lighter and more manoverable.

and just as bombproof to tell the truth.

The nimbus is the thing to get. It’s hip. (is that a word?)

nimbus is better

well i think so just got nimbus 24 muni with kh cromo frame and the duro tyre it so good the nimbus hub has got a 12mm hole up the centre and the quax has a 8mm hole so in theory stronger but according to udc no one has ever broken a nimbus isis hub

Okay, so I’ve decided to go with the Nimbus ISIS 24" Muni based on the fact that parts can be replaced with same or better parts more easily. Just one more question…What size cranks should I get?

crank size

Crank size is a real personal preference thing. Some people like real short other people like real long. 150mm is a nice mid size that works for a lot of people (including me)

crank size

Crank size is a real personal preference thing. Some people like real short other people like real long. 150mm is a nice mid size that works for a lot of people (including me)

As posted in MR…

I need you guys help. I was gonna go for the 24" Nimbus ISIS muni…when I saw that they now have a 26" Nimbus ISIS muni. (I was gonna upgrade the cranks either way.) I wanna go faster, but also have a good sturdy uni. I’m 5’3"-4" with a inseam of barely 32"…Which should I go for?
Also, I’m sorry for bugging you guys with my uni questions. I’m a pansy when it comes to buying things with my own money…

Deciding between a 24 and 26 is less about how tall you are, and more about what you want to do and how fast.

If you choose the 26, you will go faster (assuming you have the same crank sizes on both), but lose some manoeuvrability if you go muni, and visa versa if you choose the 24.

Ps. and reading what you put in MR, you probably want the 24".

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

How would a 24" Nimbus MUni be for trials? I ride 75% trials and 25% MUni. I currently have NO uni and only have enough to buy ONE. I’ve done hardcore MUni on a 20" before and it was able to keep up with everyone else you had 24" uni’s. But it WAS harder! When I practiced street and trials around my college campus though I sometime had to ride great distances to the next obstacle which was slow going on a 20". I know that a 20" is HIGHLY preferable for trials but how is it with a 24"? Does anybody do it or is it just unheard of? Should I just stick to a 20" trials since that’s what I’m used to?

Stick to 20" trials… unless you do a lot of street. 24" street is heard of but still unpracticle…

nimbus 24 but go with the kh cranks
i think there more crank options on the nimbus but i may be worng

Sometime I’m hoping to get a 26 muni. With it, I’m also interested in sometimes switching the 26 offroad tire with a 26 street worthy tire for riding around town when not riding the trails. Does that idea sound practicle/possible?

Sure, if you like changing tires a lot … Personally, I’d probably just buy a separate uni for on-road (Sun 26" are cheap!) and avoid the whole tire changing part. Somebody is selling a 26er in the For Sale forum right now that would work for your on-road needs. Alternatively, you could choose a muni tire that has decent on-road characteristics.

What you’d probably find, though, is that the tire wouldn’t be the biggest issue, but the crank length might. For muni, you want a crank length that’ll give you enough power to climb well; for on the road, you’d probably want a much shorter crank. My son rides a 26x2.6 muni with 140s to give him around the same crank leverage as I have on my 29er, but those cranks are too long for him to go very fast on the road.

I never thought of that. What if I also got Kris Holm Double Hole ISIS Moment Cranks 2007. You think that would mostly solve that issue?

It’d help a lot, but 125s on a 26er aren’t all that short; they’re about right for a 29er on the road (or on flat XC trails, which is where I use them on my 29er–I have the 150/125 KH cranks). You’d still be a little slower than most road-riders probably like, but you’d have a lot better time with the dual-hole cranks than with a single-hole set long enough for when you muni. It would probably be a good compromise.

The one thing to keep in mind is that the double-holed cranks may not be as strong as regular cranks, so if you’re doing tough, technical muni with big drops, there may be some risk of breaking the cranks. I don’t know if anyone has yet broken a set of those, but I remember that Kris said when he introduced them something about them being designed to handle XC muni, but not technical/dh muni.