24" muni

I’m looking for a 24" muni for the kids. Must be Isis, no brake necessary. Shipping to 98177. Also looking for a trials frame.


Still looking for a 24" muni. I don’t need a trials anymore.


Still looking thanks.


Still looking.

Yep, I saw that one unfortunately it is out of my budget. It would be sweet though.


Did you see the DX on Craig’s List?


Well maybe a Torker DX isn’t such a good idea. Certainly not at that price.

Hi my name is Matt and I have a unicycle problem

So I should have been more specific. After my uni buying binge last year I am on a uni buget to keep harmony in my marriage. So I have less than $300 to spend at the moment. I want an Isis hub because I have a good collection of Isis cranks. So I was hoping for something like a used Nimbus. My nine year old would be riding it so I would have to cut the frame down and he doesn’t need a KH or Oracle even if Gear’s son looks really cool on one.

Thanks Jacob, Ally and Vertico for looking for me.

Can anyone tell from the picture if the torker dx that Vertico posted the Craigslist add for is Isis? The cranks look wrong.

Maybe if I’m lucky UDC will have a screaming deal on a Nimbus for July:D

My Torker DX has an Isis interface. I have the wooden one, so idk if that model came before or after the one posted.

Looks like newer DX models are ISIS but I think that one is older. I founds this on blue book.

The Torker DX model with the red cranks is definitely not ISIS, it’s a different spline interface, but durability isn’t an issue. They are just as strong as an ISIS crank.

Thanks Brian. Compatibility is an issue. I would like to be able to swap cranks based on his ability and leg leingth.

Nice KH by the way. I would definitely be interested if it was in my budget but it would be a total shame to take a hack saw to the frame.