24" Muni

I selling my muni which i have had for years, but now i want to upgrade to a 26". the 48 spoke wheel makes it pretty bomb proof but dose add on some extra weight, that is the story for the whole unicycle really its very strong but quite heavy compared to the new KH’s.
Just drop me a message if you have any questions and i’ll do my best to answer.

How much you looking for and a few other questions…

Why the rim change? Presumably it came with the stock Qu-Ax rim and I presume you didn’t manage to break it!

Is the seat post steel? Looks rusty in the pics but it might just be the images.

Any issues with it?

I have a friend who might be interested depending on price.


I think it is the stock rim it came with, but this is an older model than the version you have Mowcius.
Don’t trust me though…


Yes, I see the difference in frame now.
The rest looks pretty much the same.

Well it’s still going strong. It’s had all the bolts replaced with stainless now (almost), a set of new pedals (cheap ones and I need some new ones again!), and more recently it has had a new powdercoat (still black though…). I also stripped and smothed the seatpost so it all looks pretty now. I haven’t got any brakes yet but I can’t really justify them. Done 270 miles on it now but the winter stopped me going out a lot.

Anyway, enough on mine!

What’s the weight like?
I would have thought with the thinner rim (looks thinner), it would be lighter than mine but the older frame design might make up that difference.

You got any more pictures?


Sorry if you just visit the thread and see this but I’m afraid my friend is now sorted for a unicycle.


PM sent