24" Muni tire for wet surfaces

I recently moved to Panama and it rains and plenty :D. Every off road path is wet most of the times. My riding at this time is mostly over wet dirt (not mud) and grass / pavement - still learning.

Any suggestion of a good tire for wet conditions but not too knobby. I have KH24 geared.

Thanks, Juan M>

What tire are you running now and what improvements do you want to see?

I’ve been running a 24x3" Felt Berm Master and can say it’s a very good tire for a mix of pavement and trail riding. It does fine in wet conditions but I haven’t ridden in much mud. Another user has posted a very good summary comparison of this tire with the Intense DH. I ordered mine direct from Felt but I’m not sure if they’ll ship to Panama.

For me NOKIAN - Gazzaloddi tire is the best for wet surfaces, but too bad they stopped selling that tire now.


I think it’s this one.

Thanks guys; i have the original KH24 tire which is the Duro Leopard, kind of off road dedicated tire. It is very good but sort of akward when riden on pavement.

I also tested the Kenda Flame but is only for pavement and wears out fast :roll_eyes: .

I checked that Berm Master and looks good.


Also think about tire patch contact, ie reducing tire pressure. The Duro is probably as sticky as a tire gets, cuz they’re all slippery when you ride over wet wood and rock. I’d stick to firm surfaces when it’s really wet. The harder shouldered tired like the Gazz and Intense can hold a harder edge in wet, but they still slip as much as the Duro. Some trials tires might be better, but then you’re talking 19/20" uni

sorry to revive this thread.
lately ive been muni-ing when its raining because the trails here are small and short (all single tracks…some are fairly steep but way toeasy when dry i find personally) but my 24" is set up for street. i figure i can always stil ride 24" street with a muni tire, as my holly roller just can keep up at the speeds im trying to go through the sopping wet mud.

other then the gazzalodi since they don’t make them anymore…
what tire is the best for wet dh?
is the duro any good (24x3)?

I like the Arrow Widebite in all situations, but I don’t have a lot of experience on the Duro. The Arrow is a bit heavier, w/ stiffer sidewalls and more grip IMO (I always wait until the trail dries out a bit so I don’t really have any experience when the trail is all mud).

Just looking at the tread it looks like the Duro would be a bit better in the mud.

If you have big issues w/ the tread clogging up, it might be better to use a mud tire like this, definately if mud clearance becomes an issue w/ the brake and frame. The widest mud specific tire I’ve ever seen is a 2.3".

The Duro is great for trails, even wet ones, but its also great for street in my opinion. Its just so comfortable to ride, absorbs all the bumps, and lets you keep your balance with ease. The only caveat is that you need long enough cranks (greater than 125mm for me) so you can control it well. I actually ride faster on Duro with 150mm cranks than on a hookworm with 125mm cranks purely because of the extra control…
So yes +1 for Duro!

I also ride the Berm Master. I’ve had mine for over a year, with tons of riding, both on- and off-road. It has hardly worn at all.

It performs great in all conditions, and I highly recommend it.

It is also half the cost of the Duro…

Here’s a thread on the Berm Master: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77574&page=2
sounds pretty decent by the sound of it, and the fact its lighter than the Duro’s got me interested. Anyone know if these are available in the UK?