24" Muni Best Choice ??

I Know this Has sort of been asked before but didn’t find the answer that did it for me !

I’m thinking of buying a 24" so my problem is between K1 or KH ?? Things that I’m considering are KH is almost double the price of the K1 hear in europe and I’m New to this and probably won’t be using any uni to its limit by a long way!
I know I’ve sort of answered my own question but with the experience on this site I had to ask.
Also does anybody Know the weight of the K1 Track Monster?

How I see it, the main difference between the two unicycles comes down to the frame and cranks.

The KH has a really nice light but strong aluminum frame with brake mounts, and quite heavy overbuilt 150mm cranks with moderate Q (gives a wider stance)

The K1 has a steel frame with an annoying seatpost shim, and low Q 160mm cranks.

According to municycle.ca the K1 is 6.95 kg and the KH is 14.01 lbs (6.35 kg).

what about the nimbus ? seams perfect for you ?

+1 for the Nimbus, the Nimbus is a really strong uni. Not too heavy, easily upgradable and doesn’t costs much.

+1 to the flans a man by my own heart :smiley:

Thanks for the help now I have a choice of three instead of two :astonished: , thanks for the link. It certainly looks good,and what did you mean by up grades?

I told you I was new, also I come from an engineering back ground so this buying stuff without being able to see it and touch it frustrates the dicision making. To give you an example the reason for the original two was that, I own and am learning on a K1 20" and am very happy with it so far but I’ definitly not at the level to drop 3 M off of walls and buildings etc. KH was included because they seem to be considered the best?

Oh! and thank you for the weights that helps too!

Just to be more clear, the price was only a consideration for my poor brain because of the huge difference between the two, if this truly reflects the difference in quality then I can make a clearer dicision.

One more question who maks the Nimbus the finish looks realy good?

i acctylly dont know who builds the nimbuses but i know the designer he really knows what hes doing and the coustomer service is great when we say upgrades we mean that unicycles are not just one unit which cannot be taken apart. they can every part can be taken off and changed acording to prefrence ( not that you would want to) just the same as a normal bike. there are limitless possibilities for what you can do just have a look round the forum :slight_smile:
but yeah unless you are doing 3M drops the nimbus is you best bet

The K1 Track Monster 24/26 is a fine muni designwise, but they have issues with quality control on the frame and cranks.

The Nimbus muni 24/26 is equivalent in design to K1, has better quality control than K1, has better customer service than K1, so probably a better choice if the price is similar.

KH is the best, but it is the most expensive.

QuAx is also an option if you can get one for a reasonable price.

pretty much same uni, just cheaper


Thanks Shippy thats a nice looking Uni for the price.

I have time at the moment to make an informed choise, as I’m new I have soooooo much to learn!!! :smiley: But it’s great

its a brilliant muni for the price, i have the 26" version, it is a little on the heavy side though :slight_smile:

Unless you can afford a Triton frame. :smiley:

Thanks Kamikaze!!! But I’m definitely not titanium frame worthy yet, in fact I’m still very much at the stage where the Uni is hurting me more than I’m hurting it!!! :roll_eyes: But a good quality 24" Muni is number one on my christmas list…:smiley: So I’m trying to find out as much as I can.

That muni has the old style QuAx cranks which are suitable for beginner use only, so keep that in mind and assume you’ll need better cranks down the line. It’s possible that it’s old stock OR advertised incorrectly.

The UDC version has the Ventures, presumably the Venture II’s which are stronger and should last for a while.

If you’re not sure what you need/want, the UDC muni is your best bet, overall best value, most adapatable, and has the best mfg support.

I rode one for a few years until splurging on KH frames.

the unicycle actually looks totally different to it and does have ISIS cranks :slight_smile:

Well a little bird told me that apparently the dicision has been taken out of my hands and Santa is supposed to be bringing a KH 24". I’m so excited,:smiley: I hope he drops it at the right address!!! :thinking: