24 Muni anyone???

Just checking to see if anyone is selling a 24 MUni???
I don’t have a budget but show me what you got and i’ll see what i got, if that makes sense? :thinking:

I have a kh24" DH 06 with slightly bent cranks.
I’ll sell to you for $250.
This includes a brand new duro leopard tire and tube ($60 value!).

Pics with request.

Some pics would be great

They’ll be up in thirty minutes.

And that $250 is in what currency???
Just checking- been wrong before:D

give me another 20 minutes. Sorry, hardware issues.

Where are you located?

You wouldn’t happen to know what 200 CAD is in Australian dollars would you?
I’ll have a look into it now though.
I’m located in Sydney, Australia

250 CAD= 272.584 Australian Dollars

Thanks for those
It looks good
I’ll be be able to answer pretty soon, 8 days at most

I’ve for sale a KH24 with the KH/Onza hub. It’s in perfect mechanical condition, with all stock parts. Aside from scratches on the pedals and saddle bumpers, there is nothing wrong with this uni.

Comes with a barely used Duro Leopard tire, along with a basic road tire.

I’m asking $300 USD, which is about $345 AUD.

You do realise postage will kill you?

Yeah :thinking: its sinking in :astonished:

those cranks look mega bent. Are you sure they aren’t installed a spline off?

Is that the moment hub or an older one?

The hub/crank assembly is slightly bent. It isn’t that notisable when riding it.

It is the old 06 cranks/hub.

You sure you just don’t have the splines misaligned? If it IS bent, is the bend within the fitted area, or the crank arm only? I can’t tell from the pic.