24 Mile Coker & OC club fun ride today!

Me and Jim (Munivision) geared up for an amazing 24 mile Coker ride from Laguna Hills Mall to Monarch Beach. This was like doing 40 miles on flat due to the many long, steep climbs along the way! We stopped at a lake where we got cool pics of Mother Goose and her babies (see pics) and two very hot woman snapped a couple of cool shots. :sunglasses:

Then as timing would have it, we got back to our cars just in time to dash over to Chapparosa park to do a fun ride with the OC uni club. We had a great time doing about a 4 mile loop and finished the ride with a Frozen yougurt splurge! :smiley:

i wanted to go so bad but my dad told me last minute that we were going to sea world

Hey, thanks for joining my group. We had a blast! Sullivan C anyon in two weeks!!!