24" Knobby Tire - Nimbus II Freestyle Frame

Are there any decent offroad tires that will fit in the Nimbus II Freestyle frame? I don’t want something too aggressive as I would still like to be able to ride on asphalt/concrete without too much trouble, but I want something that will handle dirt/mud decently. I don’t know much about tires and was hoping to leech off of some of your collective knowledge =]

If I remember correctly the max tire size is 2.6" for a knobby.

Will I encounter any problems with a tire that is too tall?

Too tall is relative. Of course if it is so tall that it hits the crown it will prevent the wheel from turning. If you are riding in mud the amount of gap becomes important to allow for a tire loaded up with crud.

When I was looking for my first nice uni I was interested in the same info you are looking for, and I called UDC. I seem to remember them telling me that a 2.4 was the largest tire they would recommend for that frame, but it may be to allow for mud so a 2.6 might fit. From my experience I don’t know that I would want to do the trails around here on less than a 24x2.6. I am currently riding a 26x2.5 happily, so maybe there’s something to the larger diameter.