24" kh = 29" inseam???!!!!!

i was looking at the kris holm 24" muni and i saw it said you need to have a 29" inseam? is this true?

I doubt it. I have a 30 and it seems like it would be able to fit some one much shorter then me. You will have to cut the seatpost, but that’s no problem.

For future reference, these types of questions should go in RSU. This forum is for product reviews.


“might buy my KH24 frame” hmmmmmm? still waiting to hear :roll_eyes:

Hacksaw costs like 5.95 at the hardware store, no big deal. I hacked my 300 mm post down a bit because I had no chance to freemount my 24" nimbus at even minimum height when I was first beginning to uni, and now at the comfortable and correct height it has still proved good that i trimmed about an inch and a half off the bottom. I’m 5’7" with a 30" inseam, and 150mm cranks.

So, if your are worried, don’t be. Hax0r the seatpost if you have to.

I had to cut a seat post twice - once when I first got it and again when I upgraded the saddle - and I think a pipe cutter is the best way to go…

yo i just got the KH24 freeride and i had to hack the seat WAY down, its quite easy with a hacksaw, if you hack it too low you might get into his signature though… but you can cut a TON off before you run out of room.