24 inch Unicycle

Nice 24 inch unicycle with good parts.

  • QU-AX aluminium Frame
  • QU-AX 125 mm cranks
  • Nimbus ISIS Hub
  • Nimbus Rim
  • Schwalbe Crazy bob tire
  • Unicycle.com carbon saddle base

Asking Price 250.- euro

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Lowering asking price to 200,- euro

Hi rvs, I’m looking for a unicycle after not riding one for years, I rode a cheap uni as a child but got quite good in tricks at one point. My interest started again by watching videos of mountain unicycling, but I don’t want to buy a full blown muni, as I first want to practice some tricks again and see if my newly sparked interest in unicycling is here to stay or not.

What did you use this unicycle for? I intend to start practice tricks and light trial exercises again and I would love to try it out in the woods later on. Do you think a slightly thicker tire would fit?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Send PM in Dutch.

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Nice one. Any idea of a shipping price to France?


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