24 inch tires

what are some good tires for MUNI thats under a 24 x 2.2? thanks

sorry but you aren’t going to find many tires that would be good for muni that are that skinny. go talk to your local bikes shop and see if they have some ideas.

are you trying to fit one on a torker? if so it’ll prbly fit a 2.3-2.5 because i measured the gap to be 3" between the forks
if you insist on under 2.2
get a cheap-ass Kenda 1.95 for 13 bucks
just ask ur local bike store

^ yeah its a toker, you think i can fit a 2.5 on it?

measure the gap and see for yourself :smiley:
i think a 2.3 would be safe (specialized makes some of that size)
2.5 might work, i actually put my friend’s trials wheelset in my LX frame and it was fine, although some say those 2.5" Monty trials tires aren’t exactly 2.5 inches, but it fit w/ a pinch of clearance

Which Torker do you have? CX, LX, DX, TX?

Do you have a LBS with good selection or downhill shop in your area? Check what they have in stock. You may find a “narrower” downhill tire.

A couple years ago when I was looking for tires for my stop-gap (before I got a real Muni) Schwinn Muni I found an Arrow Racing-HD at a downill shop that says 24x2.5 but it measures closer to 2.25 at the outside of the lugs. I googled but can’t find current mention of the tire anymore though.

This thread has a pic of the tire next to a hookworm 24x2.5.

Well, I have a Torker DX but a 20 inch, and I was wondering the same thing UNIwolcott. What is the biggest Muni tire you can fit on one of those?

Count me in as wondering what the biggest tire is I can get on to my new torker LX. I’m just a beginner now- But I imagine the first thing I’m going to want to do as a stopgap to buying an actual MUni will be to throw a burly tire. There’s always the WalMart 24X1.95 tire, but if I could go bigger, I would, just on principle…

as i said earlier, i used a 1.95
but i just got that because i wore a hole (a few actually) through my LX stock tire in a couple of months, and then i got a KH '05 :stuck_out_tongue:
It ROCKS so yeahh, get one of those as soon as possible (if you have the dough)
a 2.5" monty or similar trials tire SHOULD fit fine in the LX frame (a 20" wheel), but, the rim would be too narrow to prevent foldover (it’ll happen all the time) so either get a Muni, or get a trails wheelset to pop into ur torker frame

one of my friends has a kenda kolassol on his torker dx 24 so i know that will work how ever wide that is.

My K-Lossal

I put a Kenda Kolossal on my Torker DX and it fits just fine. FYI I was screwing around with a friends uni and his Gazz fit in my frame perfect, no rubbing, it was pretty (expletive deleted) close though, but it worked

I have a 24" Torker LX and it fits a 2.3" Kenda K Rad quite easily. The K Rad is more of a BMX dirt type tire than a real MTB tire, but if you consider the larger volume to be a fair trade for the less agressive tread, it is worth looking at.

If you have a new torker, you should be able to fit a gazz in it. I saw one at moab, anyway.

Thats for a DX torker,like i have.He proballay has an lx or cx.

oh, I didnt’ know it was only DX… I thought all the frames were the same.

I need to try some tires in my freinds dx.

yeah how big can you fit on the old style LX?