24- in Schwinn VS, Semcycle XL 24-inch Standard

I was browsing on unicycle.com and i came across these two unis. I was just wondering how you thought one compares to the other. If you have any opinions on other 24 inchers in this price range I’d love to hear them.


I can’t really tell you about the Semcycle but I have a 24 inch Schwinn and I really like it. it is a smooth ride. I suspect it comes from the blade style frame being able to flex. It is built like a tank, very rugged, and on the heavy side. On the down side is the fact that the seat post is not infinitely adjustable, your correct hight may be between the holes provided. The seat is a Viscount with thw Schwinn name stuck on it. I won’t even go into the discomfort of the Viscount saddle. I don’t know when or if the Schwinn uni will be available again. I picked mine up at a LBS for a discount. seeing as how I’m the only one around here I know of who rides a uni, It sat in the store for ever and the wanted to get rid of it. I heard awhile back that Unicycle.com was going to get a deal going to distribute the Schwinn uni again and possibly bring back the giraffe also. Perhaps someone can clarify. Till then you should be able to find someone who is willin to part with one.

Last I heard, that was true. John D. went to a convention in Vegas recently to tout Unicycle.com as the source of Schwinn uni’s. But things can change and I’m not sure exactly where the deal’s at.


The Sem XL was the first uni I got and the one I learned on. I use it daily now to commute to work and for weekend rides. I think it is good quality for the price. I have upgraded the seat, pedals and tire mind you!
Anyways, I find the uni to be not too heavy, pretty strong and I think a good alround 24inch uni.