24" Impact Frame

So I just noticed that renegade juggling has Addict 24" muni frames. There seems to be no mention of it on Impact’s website but it looks like a cool frame, if I had the funds I’d build up a 24" street uni with it. It’s only 5.5g heavier than the kh frame (690.5g vs 685g). Pretty cool.

You can see them on the Impact page component/frame.
This frame have such awesome look! I discovered it mid-November, but I purchased my muni mid-September…

It’s really tempting… I already have a KH frame on my Muni. I ride alot of Muni, and I plan on riding alot of Street on my 24", I’m thinking about building a new wheel for my Street uni (I’m only missing a rim for it) and maybe buying the Impact frame. I’ll see once the summer get’s here… also, my birthday is coming :slight_smile:

I really want it in a 26in size!


+2, I’d also like to know if a 26’’ wheel could fit in it with a 2.7’’ tyre, unlikely but heh :slight_smile:

I would really love a round crown 26in frame that will hold a 3in tire.

You’ve seen the Nimbus Oracle frame? It’s a disc brake only frame but if you don’t want to rebuild your wheel then you can use a crank mounted disc. Based on what UDC did with the Oregon I’d guess frames would be available not too long after the complete unicycles arrive.

It looks cool and i have thought about it. I got 2 pairs of Maguras for 40$ and I am going to put a set on my next unicycle so no disk for me

The Nimbus Oracle frame looks like it might be quite light? hmmm

you could get that 5.5 grams off by cutting off the brake mounts and then make it lighter than a kh frame by using ti bolts in the bearing clamps

I dont care how light it is! My knees will love me once again though :smiley:

Jacob you need this. :smiley: