24 Hours of Snowshoe results

Four of the Hell On Wheel gang members attended the 24 Hours of Snowshoe this weekend. We all competed in the trials event. The competition was natural trials, but we had expected more urban stuff. Since we thought it would be urban, 2 of us had a disadvantage because Frank and Trip didn’t have their offroad tires on.

First place was me, John Glazer
Second place was Nick Mullen(Grinspoon72)
Third place was Frank Brown(hell-on-wheel)
Fourth place was Trip Glazer

Nick and I saw another unicyclist, and tried to talk to him, but we couldn’t find him once we went around a tent. We met a couple people who could unicycle. I only heard one comment about “Where’s your other wheel?” and the guy who said it turned out to be really nice.

We got some video of us around the village and some pictures from the competition. We will put them up as soon as possible.
Our gallery is at gallery.unicyclist.com/albuq25

I also competed in bike trials, but my chain snapped. I got 2nd in Beginner Stock, out ot 2 riders.

I probably forgot a lot of things to say, so add in if there was anything else.

Oh yeah

I also got my new height record. I got about 24", my previous record was 20".

Re: 24 Hours of Snowshoe results

Cool- this is the first time in history, as far as I know, that someone has competed in both bike and uni trials at the same event.


Woah, thanks. It was a lot of fun competing in both, but really tiring. I would go first in uni trials, then after the other 3 unicyclists went, I would go on my bike.

We now have up a few videos from Snowshoe. None of them are really us on the sections, but more jusst messing around. We have some pictures of us on sections, but they aren’t up yet.


We got quite a bit of video on my friend’s digital camera, so once we edit the stuff, we will put it up. I will keep you posted.

Oh, and there was somebody that posted a comment about our gang picture. (You guys are so cool. Where are you from? Will the be a Hell on Wheel tour anytime soon?)

We are located in Richmond, Virginia. As far as I know, there will not be a Hell On Wheel tour any time soon, or at all. Not saying that I wouldn’t want to go on tour.