24 Hours at Idyllwild April 2009

I realize that I am very early with this, but I wanted to gage the interest in a MUni team(s) racing in the Spring 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Hurkey Creek in Idyllwild CA? http://www.24hoursofadrenalin.com

9 mile laps with 1,300’ of elevation gain - I would guess lap times in the 2+ hour range so riders would do about 2 laps each on a 5 man team. We would obviously not be competative, but the event is the thing. You can check out the course at geoladders.com.

I am in for this and I think Jim is as well! Think it’d be awesome. Now we just need to find 2 more riders…

Might you guys be interested in a relative newbie but gaining fast? I’ve been riding/racing MTBs for 24 years, got into muni about 9 mos. ago, up to 18 mi. rides so far on a KH29. Climbing ability improving fast, up to doing short 14 percent grades so far, sustained 6-7 percent for a few miles. Hopping sucks, but this would give me a sweet goal to get better fast. I’ve done 50-mi. running marathons and other endurance stuff, not worried about the length, skills are my main challenge right now.

“Might you guys be interested in a relative newbie but gaining fast?”

Absolutely, you have a similar background to mine and I am planning on using the race as incentive to improve my skills over the next six months.

Jamey and I were talking about doing this last week end. I’ve done it on MTBs a couple times. The laps are just over 10 miles, about an hour on MTBs so each lap would be pretty long. Nothing too technical. I was thinking a “Corporate Team” which is 6 to 10 riders. I’d defintely be good for 2 or 3 laps. You will need to get good lighting for the night rides. I have a great HID setup with a helmet mount. The night laps are the best!! But COLD! We would need at least 3 light sets as charging takes a while and with close to 2 hour laps were burning a lot of batteries.

Next important thing is, what will our name be?? Team Muni? Or something more fun like Team Munatics.

Our MTB team “Purple Haze” requires riders to do a shot of tequila if they crash, another if they bleed and a third if the blood reaches the sock.

I have e-mailed Stuart, who owns and runs 24 Hours of Adrenalin to make sure he will allow a MUni team because of the significant amount of difficult to pass single track, but he is a pretty easy going guy and I think he will give the ok.

In the next month or so I will go up and run a lap on the weekend to determine a slow lap base time. I am pretty sure that it is at least two hours though, so if everyone wants to do more than one lap a 5 man team would be best.

If there turns out to be more interest we could always run two 4 man or 5 man teams.

Ya, if we got enough interest, 2 teams would be sweet as then we’d kind of have a compitition between the two!

Jeff, let me know when and if you go up there as I might ride it with ya to see what it’s like.


I have two Nightrider HID Flights, good for about 2.25hrs. each. Also an insomniac so I might be useful for the night laps! If you guys do a trial run around mid-November I can go, even if you don’t need me on team it would be a fun group ride.

I’d love to do this with you guys! I can’t guarantee the weekend will be free, but if it is, this would be totally sweet…

We’d love to have the worlds fastest man on out team!!!:smiley:

I got word back from Stuart and it is a no go

"Hi Jeff,

love the spirit of you wanting to attempt the event on uni cycles, however after years of reviewing this suggestion we feel its just too dangerous for other riders. Hurkey Creek has a very fast technical downhill with blind corners.

thanks… but sorry. "

I still think it is a good course to ride - maybe we can get a group to ride it some Saturday or Sunday in the near future.

Oh, huge bummer. Anything else we could do to convince them? Or any other similar races around the area we could enter?

I for sure want to ride it one of these weekends so let’s pick a date and do it!

There’s one up in Laguna Seca that has hosted unicycle teams before. June 6. http://www.24hoursofadrenalin.com/twenty4/index.cfm?fuseaction=dsp_eventDetails&eventContentID=e223972f-3048-8bc6-e8e2-4b1e88ce95e4

Laguna Seco is run by the same people, but I am not familiar with the course. His main concern at Hurkey Creek was that there are a lot of fast, narrow, downhill single track sections where a slower rider would pose a hazard. Unfortunately, that is also what makes the course fun, but if the Laguna course is mostly on wider trails and he will let us enter I’m all in.

There are also smaller local 12 and 24 hour events run through Active that we could keep an eye out for.