24 hour race, may long weekend by Toronto

Hey everyone, there is still one more opeing for a 5 man team at the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 24 race this may.

Sure would be cool to have 2 uni teams competing!


now is this is toronto or london?

it’s a little north east of toronto.

mansfield conseration area…right by Wonerland

I’ll do it.

I’m finnished school by the end of April.

I have never done an endurance anything (except hiking), but I’m in decent shape and If training is needed I’ll do whatever is necasarry.


I should have been more specific I think. there is an opening for one more 5 man team, not an opeing in my 5 man team

the guys in ottawa seemed to be interested, but i told them my team was filled already. start asking around, there’s only one team left.

cost is $750, that’s $150 each, and you sleep in a cabin and they provide you with delicious meals…only 100 riders in the whole event. who’s in with Checkernuts?

Damn and I was hoping to get in on some 24 hr race action.

I knew it seemed too good to be true.


not if you find 4 others…and there are solo spots still open…you mentioned endurance :slight_smile:

You know the sad thing I thought about it for like 5 min, thats just too much for a rookie though. I have never even ridden 6 hours straight. Maybe next year though.

This is the funnest 24 hour race IMHO. It’s super small compared to many other 24 hour events (15 - 20 teams tops), you get to stay in cabins with real beds and electricity and they provide all your meals (good food too).

Here’s a post to the newsgroup about this event 2 years ago …

The course is totally ridable on a 24/26/28 unicycle (I wouldn’t recommend doing it on a Coker, but it might be possible) and a lot of fun, but there are some ugly uphills.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to this years Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous event as it’s the same weekend as the 24 Hours of Adrenalin down in California. :frowning:



Only one member from the team rides at a time, so you only have to be able to ride one lap at a time.

I’ve never been in a 24 hour relay so I can’t make any other comments. It sounds like fun, and I’d go if I lived anywhere near Toronto.


Not if your riding solo :smiley:

Aren’t there enough muni militia in Pittsburgh to get a team of five to cross the border and get revenge on Canada for burning down the white house in 1812?