24 hour race in northern NJ, US

Hey all NE US riders:

We were checking out http://www.24hoursofallamuchy.com/
It’s August 22/23,2009. It’s a 24 hour race, 10 mile loop, in northern NJ.

It would be cool to register a couple uni teams. There are tons of riders within a few hours of this race.

Any interest?

Do you know anything about the track? What sort of wheel size are we talking about.

I’m in! August gives me plenty of time to get in shape.


Check that out. Lots of pictures.

If I can take the greyhound out to somewhere I can drive from, I’d be down, otherwise I need to find a driving partner, because I don’t think I could handle the 7 hours of driving alone.

I imagine a 29er would be good. I’ll probably bring 24 and 29.

I am very interested.

Hey Nathan, we could share a ride. There’s a 50% probability that I’ll make it.
Depends on if I’m not on another unitrip at that time (I have the last three weeks of august as summer holidays). I should know before long, and I’ll keep you informed.

The Albany guys are so much fun to race with, or against! :slight_smile:
Steveyo : “how this is not a race…?”