24 Cockring

Does anyone have a 24 bikes Cockring as found on the DH street uni they would be willing to sell?

whats a cock ring?

it is a ring you put aro…
never mind

it is the clamp on the koxx dan heaton uni

:stuck_out_tongue: Seatpost clamp.

haha cockring

If the koxx one devil girl logo made you flip out and shut down your computer then you definitely should not google cock ring. You will not get the results you were looking for.

They sell them here

that’s actually the thing being talked about. there’s dozens(if not hundreds) of place to buy the things everyone else calls cockrings. google it. seriously. it’ll be great.

yea I dont look anything up on google that sounds a little strange, and Im not visiting any websites on it, but ok…

its even got a wiki page

although i suspect its not about the seatpost clamp… young innocent minds…

Well i’ve already said they sell them at www.peppl.com