24" - 26" [in the SF Bay Area] for a big guy.

I’m looking for my first uni and I need one suitable for a really big (6’5"/240lb) rider. Being my first uni, I’d like something relatively affordable and local.
(the shipping costs on these things new is crazy!). :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t plan on doing any hops, jumps, off-road riding or stunts. Just flat, smooth, paved trails and sidewalks.

If you’re inside the SF Bay Area or Santa Cruz County, I’ll happily come pick it up. :smiley:

“Relatively Affordable” = under $200.
“Local” = under 60 miles from San Jose. :wink:


I don’t know if my uni I’m selling would interest you. It’s perfect but not local at all. I live on the East Coast. But it is way under your $200 price. I just want to sell it for $100+20 shipping. I checked UPS, and it’d be about 20 bucks shipping, 5 day wait. Certainly not local though.
I don’t know. Your call. Price-wise it’s great for you, and shipping won’t kill you here. See my thread here if you are interested 24" Club Freestyle, excellent entry-level uni

Nice beginner uni. Great for what you want to use it for (just rollin around).
Again, your call, and thanks for your consideration.

Sorry, just seeing this now. :o

I actually ordered a new Torker LX 26 to use as my first uni…

Thanks for the offer, though, and good luck with your sale.