24" 2010 Torker DX

I just got it not too long ago but now I have a Kris Holms and I don’t need two. It’s got under 1/2 hour of riding and pretty much all brand new. I took off all the decals and the dog did chewed up the saddle a tiny bit. So I fixed it and it now sports a leather seat cover. I’ll take $230 shipped within the US.

sounds too good

do you have pics?? If the new seat looks good I would like first dibs.


  1. it’s a kris holm unicycle

  2. I know what you mean with the dog… destroyed 2 unicycles so far…

Hello Friends.
I read your entire post it is really good and I have interest in it if you are agree then I want it at 170$ USD only.
Reply me.

At this time since I am not hurting for money, I am not accepting any crazy low ball offers.

Hi Choco,

I think I will pass for now. Thanks for the pics. I am going to go for a 20".

Good Luck

No worries.

How did you fix the seat? Was it easy?

My dog chewed through the vinyl cover and chewed up some of the foam. I was going to trim the foam anyway. I use a sharp knife to cut the foam. I took some “sheets” of scrap leather and pinned it inside out against the foam. I then used some pins and pinned together the seams the in the direction I would sew it. After that I took the leather off the foam and hand stitched it. After sewing, I trimmed off the excess leather, flipped it inside out and put it back on. You saw the results. Oh, what you didn’t see was the fancy eyelets I added. I punched some holes and pounded some stainless eyelets to lace the bottom closed just like a pair of shoes. All seat covers should be like this in my opinion.


I’d like to see Photos of your DX. I have one with some troubles and I am not ready to spend the bucks on a KH yet

I’d be interested…looking for one that we can get as a gift for my bro-in-law. Got pics?


Thanks for the pics. Looks good…especially the seat. Sounds like we’re going to have to opt for something quite a bit cheaper for my bro-in-law, tho. I’ve got a couple friends looking for a uni, tho, so I’ll mention it to them. Good luck on the sale.!


On to the price drop. $200. If it doesn’t sell, it will be someones Christmas present.