20x3.0" slick tire

I was at my local sportmart today and noticed some chopper-style bikes with a rather fat tire on the back. After further inspection I noticed 20x3.0 on the sidewall. I was on a tight schedule and was unable to find a brand name… has anybody encountered a tire like this before? Might be interesting to use on a bmx wheel for street purposes.

ya ive seen those,

my buddys little brother got a chopper bike like that
and i wonderd right away if it would bit on my 20

It wouldn’t fit on a 19" rim I dont think, but a strong 20" bmx rim with this tire on it would be pretty sweet for street.

Is that the famous Schwinn Sting Ray? The rim is super wide, too. I think that the slogan at the Schwinn Sting Ray website is right on the money with that one…“the rebirth of cool”. Turns out that the Sting Ray I had as a kid would fetch about $2000 if I had it around today. I’d love to see somebody make a uni out of that.


does total uni have a hairball?

cough Darren cough Bedford cough i think has beat you to it, he was at my Studio a few weeks ago and had the custom hub for the monster hoop and tyre. this will deffinatly make one unique Uni!

i’ve seen some of those cheap ass discount store chooper style bikes have 4+ inch wide back tires. super huge. maybe a 5 incher on one of them. but yeah. there’s that fireball tire that’s 3 inches wide if you want a slick tire that leaves flames for tracks.


The options that I know of for a fat 20" tire that fits on a 20" rim are:

The front tire on the Giant Stiletto. The specs say it is a Magnum 20x3.0".

The Twenty-G tire by 3G Bikes

The Onza Sticky Fingers 20x2.4

Of the three, the Onza tire is probably the best for street riding. The other two tires have thin sidewalls and thus require higher air pressure. The Onza tire should be able to run at lower pressures (like a trials tire) and get more bounce.

I believe Alex makes a 20" version of the DX32 rim. That would be a good rim for a fat 20" tire.


please tranlslate that i cant read it all fast enough and then i forget what the first part is so just say it


i am making a 6.0 uni, so no one beat me to it

I measured the tire on the new Shwinn.
My next door neighbor has one (for now :wink: ).
It was exactly 4" across.

Yeah these bikes were not schwinns. It was a different tire.

I’ve seen some Giants with 20x3.0 tires. I don’t think they were the Stilleto model John posted, but they were along the same lines.

I don’t know how well they would work for trials or street because of the thin sidewalls, but thy would look cool.

There have been posts about these tires before.

The Stilleto and Giant tires are almost the same.
They are very similar to the fireball/Nirve/Electra 24" tires just in a 20" version.

I will have some in two weeks. If you want one,
send me a e-mail now.

I also stock the 20" version of the Alex ALDX32 rims.
I have the 19", 20", 24" and 26" rims in stock.

I have the 24" Electra and Nirve tires in stock too.

These tires will only fit the 20" rim, not the trials 19" rim.

Take it easy,