20x2.5 Trial Tyres... Which is best? 1. Luna 2. MAXIS CC 3. Try-All

The treads on my MAXXIS Creepy Crawler are getting worn out so I’m wondering which tyre I should by next…
Which is better for side hops and general hopping?

Luna, MCC or Try-All
If Try-All wins what about btwn LUNAS and MCC?

I’ve ridden on both the try-all and the MCC i can honestly say i like the try all better. Between the LUNAS and the MCC I’d go with the Maxis.

Try all is my favourite. And you Aussies better get try alls in stock soon, mine started showing threads in a second place today :frowning:

I Digg Lunas Over MaxxisCC But Tryall Over Lunas.


I’ve had/rode: Luna, Maxxis CC, Echo Supa Trials, Monty Elite, Monty Eagle Claw.

From favourite to least favourite:

  1. Monty Eagle Claw
  2. Try-all Sticky
  3. Maxxis CC
  4. Monty Elite
  5. Echo Supa Trials


Haha, oh dang, I forgot the Luna in that list.


There we go, that’s my personal preferences.


Isaac, what characteristics do you look for in a tire? What is it about the eagle claw that you prefer to the try-all?

The Eagle Claw has such nice grip, and a really nice soft compound. I still love the Try-all but, the Eagle Claw is nicer (in my opinion).


It really depends what you want in a tire

The Official 19" Trials Tyre Thread should give you all info you need, If you still have questions feel free to ask.

I wish Gilby would sticky that thread.

There are 3 or 4 things that Should be stickied, that thread is definitely one of them.

Stickied ?

I should know what that means by now, i’ve been on the forums for 2 years, but, aha, I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


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Probably because there is only one sticky thread in the whole site :). That would be the rules thread in the trading post.

It just means that the thread stays at the top of the page, regardless of how often it is bumped.

That really is a good thread, it helped me a lot with my choice.

My preference.

  • Eagle Claw
  • CC
  • Try-all
  • Luna

Eagle Claw, then nothing else. I can’t think of any other trials tire I like other than the eagle claw. In fact next time I’m looking for one, I will buy a bunch.