20inch or 24inch? that is the question

am about to get a new unicycle currently i have a $50 uni from ebay which i got to learn to ride now i am upgrading however Im not sure if to get a 20inch or 24inch model now to fill you in on some details so you can hopefully give me some informative feedback on which would be best for the way in which i will use it.

  • I have decided I am getting a kris holm when they come into the country so model is decided just wondering the size
  • Currently I just ride around cant do any tricks and stuff still learning though I believe when I get a better uni and Im not as worried about breaking it I will try tricks and stuff
  • I enjoy riding it to the shops and stuff however on the current 20inch my legs get extremely tired and sore quite quickly
  • Where I currently live is quite hilly so being able to ride up and down hills easier would be convinient
  • would like to be able to ride it the about 3km to work in the morning
  • Am quite interested in both Muni and Trials/Street riding and will no doubt find myself doing a bit of both
  • Also if it makes a difference I am an older rider 24 and am about 6 foot 180cm tall not sure what my inseam length is though

So I guess basicly Im looking to find out which would be best to ride around town but also do jumps and tricks and stuff on basicly a good all-round unicycle also suitable for commuting

You are pretty new to the forums so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and give my opinion. However this question has been answered over and over again, a couple searches will give you much more information than what you will get in this thread. The more you search the better you will get at finding what your looking for.

As for 20 or 24… if you want to do street and trials type of riding the 20" should be your choice. You can do tricks and hop around on a 24, but it will be much easier on a 20"… thats what we ride them for. 24" is ideal for Mountain unicycling, or mild cruising around. A 24" will go 3km much much nicer than a 20 but is still not a great commuting sized wheel.

Personally I would not compromise street/trials and commuting with a something in the middle like a 24". I would get the 20" which will be perfect for tricks. Save up a bit more and get a 29" or even a 36er for your commute to work or the shops.

Sorry if my advice is out of your budget, tho I think it is the best short an long run option.


Because you are a new rider

Ah, the memories of one year ago. I moved up from a learner 20 to a KH 24. I found muni impossibly difficult on it for about a week. Then I lowered the tire pressure from 45 to about 17, and from then on everything was great. The soft tire makes all the bumps and rocks smaller, and I could ride straight (the only trick I knew !) all over the place. Lot’s of fun. :slight_smile:

I would say definitely get the 24. The 20 is slower, and only better at tricks you don’t want to learn yet. You may want a trials uni later, but a KH 24 will be really fun now.:slight_smile: Because you live in a hilly place, a KH 24 is an excellent choice. You could put a brake on it easily, and it is easier for a novice to handle in a hilly place, with or without a brake.

Actually it’s “Will it grind? That is the question.”

The real answer to your question though, is that there can’t really be a unicycle that is good for all of these. You have to pick, Trials/Street/Flat(20 inch)? Or Muni/decent commuting(24 or 29 inch).

I can tell you that I actually have ridden around town on my kh20 (sometimes around 12 miles a day). It really isn’t as bad as some say it is. A 24 would definitely be better or that, but a 20 is bearable. But really, it depends what you want to do more. If possible, just buy both, but that isn’t necessarily a good idea if you are short on funds or are still unsure about this whole unicycling dealio.

If I was thinking of a KH 20 or KH 24…I would probably have to go with the KH 29 :slight_smile:

A 29er will be great for commuting and muni/offroad.

Seriously though, the 24 is probably the better option. This is such a personal choice though so asking people online isn’t going to help much. I would much rather prefer Muni than trials/street, and the KH 20 is mainly going to be for trials and street. The KH 24 can do some trials/street, but not as well as the 20. As far as my experience goes…the bigger the wheel size, the more fun I have.