2018 USA Southwest Muni gathering

I’ve heard rumblings about an event this year, possibly Moab.

Just wondering if anyone in the know who has more information could post something on the forums.


2018 Moab Muni Event Details are on Facebook here:

There is also a separate Southwest Muni Event in Sedona, AZ. Dates are 4/27 - 4/29, but I think this event is still tentative.

Facebook Event Pg - Southwest Muni Fest:

Two events?

Hmm, I wonder if Jenni and the Wiltons are aware of each others’ events?

I like the idea of multiple events - more flexibility and more excuses to get away from work :wink:

this message too late for me … may be next year
(but please note that some unicyclists like me will NEVER be on facebook :frowning: … and that we have good reasons for that)

Oh man, it’s all the way in Utah!!