2015 Black Friday, Cyber Weekend, and 12 Days Unicycles

It’s that time of year again. Find anything? Keeping an eye out for anything?

I mentioned in another thread that I’m at least a bit interested in upgrading my protective gear. I’m also less than crazy about how my two 20" unicycles are set up, and there are a few options for parts and pieces that might improve the situation there. That’s about it for me, I think; so far, until I see something I just have to have, maybe…

I haven’t been riding for awhile… clearly I need to upgrade everything to get motivated again. :slight_smile: Bring on the sales…

Seems like that could simplify shopping a lot. :slight_smile: Welcome back.

I see that Price Point has a bunch of things tagged “Black Friday,” including pads and guards that unicyclists have used or could use:

They’re a discounter so their stock is all on sale by some amount all the time, and I’ve suspected sometimes that their prices didn’t change much if any when they promoted a so-called sales event. It’s hard to check before and after. But there’s stuff there that I’m considering and don’t see for less elsewhere.

26" Hans Dampf SG for fitty bucks… That’s a bunch less than I paid for mine:

Sale items posted:

The Nimbus Equinox with titanium hub was sold out before I ever saw it. That looks like a not bad at all price on a 29" Oregon Plus if you’ve been thinking about one of those. I wonder if more things might be more added later.

Me too. I’m hoping for more deals. I’m itching to get another 20" or 26" muni but don’t need them. I spend most of my uni time on my 29er. Turns out my preference is for road riding. I’d do more muni if I lived closer to those types of trails. The best muni trail is about an hour away by car :frowning:

The KH 20" is tempting but a Ti hub more than I need/want.

I see that a 26" KH has a 30" minimum inseam. I wonder if it can go lower by cutting the seat post.

@ vertigo the 29er that you have also says it has a minimum inseam of 30" so I’m sure you will be fine.
I am hoping a Nimbus road 29er goes on sale. I also need a trials frame, a 24" muni frame and a couple extra seat posts.

A Nimbus trials unicycle would be just as good, in my experience, and hundreds of dollars cheaper. I think every unicyclist should have a 20" of some sort -probably trials- for learning new things.

Thanks guys.

So far no new deals. :frowning:

I wonder if those Impacts are old stock. Looks like they don’t have the smaller bearings. I’m not tempted to buy one since they have a minimum inseam of 32".

Another problem with the Impacts on sale right now is that they have Gravity frames, which are fully rounded, so you wouldn’t be able to learn one-footed tricks on them. Generally, though, Impact unicycles are excellent, and their Reagent frame has a flat crown that is knurled so that your foot (or feet!) won’t slip off.

The 29" Oregons have sold out. Knocking $200 off the normal price seems to have worked.

I’m hoping for the same with the 26" as well. Been looking to get back in to muni and I could go for one. Also going to go for a UDC Titan too.

In years past UDC USA has sent, to all of their newsletter subscribers, a coupon code for 15%-20% off anything in the store. I guess they’re not going to do that this year. Sorry Ergolicious! There is still time for them to put the Titan on the cyber weekend site. I hope it works out for you.

I was hoping for a bigger sale this year. However, maybe they will do another one this winter. I have a wish list but I will wait for the right deal or buy on the used market.

I bought a uni this time the last two years. Nothing interesting this year. I did get a couple seat clamps with the free shipping, but probably won’t get anything else unless the 12 days of Christmas sale is better than the cyber sale.

The 12 days sale is usually better. In the past they made it into a sort of scavenger hunt to find the daily sale, but in the last couple of years they’ve made it easier to find the new stuff.

I’m hoping to upgrade my 700c UW to a welded metal one. I like my wooden one well enough, but since I really enjoy riding it more than I ever thought I would it seems reasonable to get a nicer version. Who knows, maybe the aluminum frame adds a little something to the ride quality?

It occurs to me now that I may have confused the Cyber Weekend sale with the 12 days of Christmas sale. Perhaps there is still hope for a 15% off EVERYTHING in the store which is the same deal Target offered on Cyber Monday and nearly shut down PayPal selling more than one iPad every second.

Speak of the devil… The Cyber Weekend page now has the title “12 Days of Christmas!” and has lots of new items, mostly smaller stuff but also a few complete unicycles I don’t recall seeing before. Maybe some good deals on hubs if anyone’s got a project waiting on one of those.

I asked Josh on the online chat thing on Unicycle.com He said all the sale items for the 12 days of Xmas were already posted. If I understood him correctly, nothing new would get added. Bummer but perhaps that will change.

That’s good to know but kind of a let down.