2012 Olympics Unicycle Hockey

I heard someone say a while back, cant remember who but they said that Unicycle Hockey was being put forward as one of the new sports for 2012,

just wondered this is true and if anything has come out of it

or am i just being completely gullable

cheers Lucas

haha thats like saying that rubics cubes will be in the x-games!

Yeh I thought it sounded stupid but apparently every olympics they do a vote and introdue a between 1-4 new sports and I think unicycle hockey was probably put forward by someone

that would be tight man!
I would compete!

u wood win too

he probably would

ive never done a rubics cube in my life there hard

the world record for speed cubing is like 15seconds and it was by a kid! how fast are you james?

now i have 6 things to do
learn how to play hockey
get in shape
get better on the unicycle
fill out an application for that team
get on the USA unicycle hokey team

to be in the olmpics a sport has to be competed professionally in however many countries so unihockey will never be in it

I don’t think it has to be competed in professionally in all (or a lot of) countries because the whole thing about the olympics has always been about celebratiing amateur sport, until recently with hockey. You just need a national organization in every country.


Well bridge is being considered for an olympic sport, but I think it would make a lot more sense to make UniHo(ckey)ki a sport :roll_eyes:

that time is not right. I know someone who can do it in 12 sec. He went to the world championship of Rubik’s cube. lol

Good man.

If we’re going to get UniHoki in the Olympics, we all have to start using the sport’s correct name first…

Are there any other governing bodies for UniHoki that are affiliated to the Ice- and InLine hockey structures?

Bruiser: i knew that time was probly not right i just kno its fast…its probly more like 7 or8 seconds for the record.

I’m resurrecting this old thread because this title is sure to get a few views. I’m thinking unicycle hockey might be the ticket to finally get my kids interested in riding a unicycle. We’ve been borrowing sticks and joining (on foot) a neighborhood kids street hockey games on the cul de sac. I can see it now. Dad swoops behind (there is room just as in ice hockey) the net for the one timer pass, shoots, and scores! Perhaps that will impress them. Goodness knows nothing else I do does.

As many of you know, the whole reason I got back into unicycles after a 20 year hiatus was to spend more time outside with my son 7 and my daughter 8 but got bit by the distance bug, got a Silva Cycles 36" KrisHolm/Schlumpf GUni, and was gone!

A couple of years down the road, I got into MUni. Practicing on my 26er kept me a little closer to home building a BMX arena in my back yard. But again, the call of the wild beacons and I end up riding the sweet single-track in our parks where my kids are still to young (though she can ride the heck out of a b*ke) to join.

I’ve bought them 12", 16", and finally a 20" unicycles spending countless hours on the court holding hands (tip: they don’t really “get it” until 20") and being patient. Her record was 10 revolutions. I have repurposed her Club 20" Freestyle Unicycle with Nimbus Venture pedals (use SpeedPlay Drilliums on my Oracle) on the 114mm cotterless (taking bets on how long before my 165lbs breaks them) cranks.

Damn, that title got me excited :frowning:

I think uni hockey may well be the ticket to inspiring your kids to uni
Such a shame I don’t think it will ever make the Olympics

It was what re inspired me to get back into unicycling after close to 20 years away. And now I’m borderline obsessed

Does get me thinking though there are some pretty out there sports in some of the multiple country games, the east Asian games not so long ago had ballroom dancing and cue sports (billiards)

I know it’s about more than this but a unihockey tournament has got to be more interesting to watch than ballroom dancing?

Dreams yes I know. But would be pretty cool

the world record for solving a Rubik’s cube is like 5.66 seconds