2011 Schlump ISIS Hub, NEW

I have on order, from Silva Cycles, a brand new Schlump ISIS hub.

In order to order a hub, I had to put down a deposit (~50%), then the waiting began. Schlump hubs can take months to arrive, average wait time seems to be 3-4mo.

I ordered mine in May 2011, it is currently in production, rumored to be ready for shipping, though Florian does not promise delivery by a specific date.

If you are looking to buy a Schlump hub, this would be the fast track to getting one.

In order to facilitate the transfer of reservation, said “buyer” will need contact me and Bronson Silva, arrange to make a deposit, at which time my deposit will be returned.

PM for details.

PS Please don’t ask for a discount, the benefit of taking my hub reservation is you don’t have to wait as long :slight_smile:

Can I get a discount? :roll_eyes:

Good luck with your sale. A Schlumpf hub sounds like a lot of fun, but I already have one on order. Now if I could get a good discount, I could order two …


Time is money, as they say, so you can order now and wait till Christmas OR take mine now and enjoy it this summer :slight_smile:

It appears that the next batch of hubs will be here in a week or two.

New! The ISIS Schlump has been upgraded with water/dust seals.

All hubs are paid for in advance, so even if you want one and have cash, it’ll still be another 3-4 months before the next batch will be available, so that would be October or November :astonished:

But mine is available now :slight_smile:

Must… resist… urge… to… buy this.

The name is SCHLUMPF, not Schlump and also not Schlumph. Can’t believe you won’t even give it a try before selling it.

No takers, so my SCHLUMPF Hub is now being built with a KH 26 rim, DB spokes, brass nips.

If I get a taker SOON, it is possible that I could stop the build order and the new owner could have it built their way, but this is quickly becoming a non option; may already be so.

It’ll still be for sale once it arrives at my home, cost built is approx $2000 USD.

Looks like I’ll be trying out…

Sorry if my above post was somewhat rude, but it somehow upset me how you kept misspelling it and refused to give the hub a chance at all.
It seemed kind of ignorant to me. It’s none of my business what you do with it but I think it is such an awesome invention that can really open up some great new possibilities and add a whole new dimension to your rides. Go ahead and try it, I think you’ll want to keep it then.


I’m gonna try and make it work…

I defiantly wana see it when it is done