2010 Video Awards

I just got the idea that it would be fun to have some annual video awards. So here’s how it works: if it’s a unicycle video and was released in 2010 (doesn’t matter when it was filmed, we never saw it til this year so it still counts) then its up for nomination. All you have to do is tell us the title of the video and its creator(s) (riders, editor, etc.) and the category/categories you’re nominating it for (please don’t embed the video because it will just get this thread all cluttered. We will know the video if it’s actually good enough for nomination, otherwise we’ll look it up).
The categories are:

Best Street Video
Best Trial Video
Best Flat Video
Best All-Round Video

Best Filming
Best Editing

If you have any other suggestions for a category then let me know and I’ll add it if there is enough competition within that category. Nominations close on the 19th of December. Videos with the most nominations will then go through to the second round of voting in polls which will end on the 23rd of December after which the Winners will be announced.

So what are the awards I hear you ask? Self contentment and braging rights. Enjoy them :stuck_out_tongue:

Uninats 2010 by Matty P - Best Street Video and Best Filming

NAUCC 2010 by Max Schulze - Best Trial Video and Best All-Round Video

Best Filmed and Edited both go to Raphael’s new video of Elias.

Best flat… A Week in Nantes

What about best Muni vid?

Raphael’s and Elias videos are the best videos all around, amazing riding and editting.

Ive watched their videos many times and still am in love with them, cant wait to see the videos from them next year.

Also colby thomas is gonna be having some awesome videos soon i bet, hes got some sweet riding to go with them to :smiley:

nice threat =D
But is it only the best that counts? our also,1,2,3,4,… place?
otherwise I would like to nominate some vids of me, just to see if they have a chance to get in top 5-10 for trial or street xD

Best Street Video : Elias newest vid or Colby’s UTV sponsor vid
Best Trial Video: Max schulze: Naucc or Aleix LIDON BAULIDA: UNICAT 10
Best Flat Video: The Response [Flatland] by Eli and Will
Best All-Round Video: Max…

Best Filming: Pöham vid: Take a minute
Best Editing: Pöham vid: New Medium

I like the idea! I think you should have a category for best single trick too. For example Max’s HUGE handrail, or Christian’s blunt down 10, or a crazy flat trick or trials line would be great too.

What do others think?


Yeah thats sounds nice :slight_smile:
But best trick is ofcourse, the maxwhip!!


Best edited video this year: Sinco - EUC Winter :slight_smile:

Best Street Video: elias poham 2010, pau & lorenz
Best Trial Video: naucc max shulze, unicat 10
Best Flat Video: i (L) sundays (nil suria),
Best trick: 1080 sidespin by adrien delecroix, 360 without hands by tim desmet

Best Filming & Best Editing: take a minute, day dreaming (adrien delecroix)


I like this toppic:D
Best Street video: Christian Huriwai - Koxx-one - Street unicycling (but that is 17 december 2009, is that also ok… :roll_eyes: )
Best Trial video: Unused Trial Clips By Tim Desmet
Best Flat video: One Week in Nantes by Damien Dyonne and Elliot Hofman
Best alround video: NAUCC 2010 by Max Schulze
Best flilming: Elias Pöham 2010
Best editing: New Medium by the 3 Pöham brothers and Simon Grossblercher
Best trick: No handed 360 unispin by Tim Desmet

And A video with the best music… :roll_eyes:
-Lorenz & Raphael Pöham: Blood dem out - Turbelence or Unused Trail Clips by Tim Desmet: Logos - Faded Paper Figures

I think tim’s summer street should definitely get something, but im not really sure what! it’s different to other peoples street kinda :stuck_out_tongue:
but best all round definitely NAUCC 2010
best editing - elias poham 2010
best filming - EUC winter, since there was so much filming! :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Street Video: UniNats 2010 by Matty P
Best Trial and All Around Video: NAUCC 2010 by Max Schulze
Best Flat Video: The Response by Will Riley and Eli Brill
Best Filming: Take a Minute
Best Editing: Elias Pöham 2010

thanks everyone for the positive response! :slight_smile:

i thought about muni but has anyone made any decent muni videos this year? i dont remember seeing any because, well to be totally honest, i find muni videos r quite boring. but if u can show me a few really good ones from this year then ill consider adding it.

ill make a top 3, maybe 5 if i get enuf nominations. theres no way im gonna bother going up to 10.

thats a good idea. i can think of quite a few tricks: chris’s 10 set blunt, maxwhip, max’s massive handrail, elias’s hop over the seat (i know a lot of flat riders jizzed over that one).
ok best single trick is in. thanks kevin.

i thought about chris’s video and while i got to see it in december, i cant remember the date which it was publicly released. ill wait for chris to post on here the date it was publicly released.
best music category? no. lol

whoops forgot to mention. u can nominate one video for one or more categories, but please only nominate ONE video per category. Tim and Aleix, can u please specify ur decisions?

chooseing this was sooooo hard! i saw Raphael already nominated Sinco’s EUC Winter so that helps ease my decision.
Best Edit: Croatia-Video 2010 by Raphael Poham

EDIT: yes chris’s koxx one street video was released publicly after unicon so its all good to be nominated

def Croatia Video for best edit, and filming! :smiley:

Best Street Video:Elias poham 2010
Best Trial Video:Max + Joe H - part 2
Best Flat Video:Krisz Kovacs - Itt akkezdet
Best All-Round Video: Max - Naucc 2010 or Isaac conyers - Dirty Needlez

Best Filming:Spencer hochbergs - ugames etc
Best Editing:Pohams - Croatia
Best Trick:Maxwhip

Best Street Video: Elias Poham 2010
Best Flat Video: Eli and Will callout response
Best All-Round Video: Max Naucc 2010

Best Filming/Editing: http://www.youtube.com/user/uniraphi
Best Trick: Maxwhip

I think a best bail category would be cool too, and I’d nominate Colby Thomas falling off the handrail and breaking the stairset in Unused Clips.

pick a video, not all of raphaels videos :stuck_out_tongue:
i dunno about bails, doesnt appeal to me.

also i had a feeling people would vote the same video for both filming and editing and thats ok, but sometimes i think some people dont know the difference between the two when it comes to improving a videos aesthetic appeal. example: while the editing in Take a Minute is great (filming is definately award worthy), i reckon Croatia-Video or New Medium both have much nicer editing. im not trying to encourage my own opinions, its just something for people to consider when choosing Best Edit and Best Filming

EDIT: mike, pick one. choose Dirty Needlez, everyone else has already nominated NAUCC so if u choose ours then we might get 2nd :stuck_out_tongue: