2010 Torker DX Unicycles now at Serious Juggling

The 2010 Torker DX 20" and 24" unicycles are both here now, and we’ve assembled a couple for walk-in customers to see. They are clearly lighter than they used to be, and the ISIS hubs are a welcome change. The saddle on the 20" has a lower street style profile, and the nubs on the frame are about 5 mm (~1/4"). Both models come with Odyssey Twisted PC clear “graphite” pedals, and the 24" has a Kenda Kinetics 24" x 2.6" knobby tire. The paint is not the old glossy black paint, but not completely matte (in between). Overall, Torker has done a nice job (and MuniRyder07 too).

We also have the new red/black giraffe color scheme which looks quite smart, and is in our opinion the nicest of Torker’s recent color design experiments. It will look fantastic in a parade.

-Ben Schoenberg

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Sweet, that means we should be getting them in soon too.


Thanks for the post. Could you post a pic of the new giraffe? I looked on your website and Torker’s website but didn’t see a pic of the new paint scheme.

This is very interesting to me because I might ask my family for a Torker giraffe for Christmas. That would be the first time in about 10 years I’ve asked for something specific for Christmas.:smiley:

Torker TX unicycle red-black

Here is a photo of the Torker TX red/black tall unicycle. Yes, the chain is red and looks good with the red rim.

P.S. A couple photos of me riding the red/black TX today are up on the Serious Juggling Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Portland-OR/Serious-Juggling/7937288630

I have to say this looks very cool. By far the best looking giraffe ever.

Nice, I’m seriously thinking about a DX 24!

I talked to the Torker marketing directory yesterday and he said the LX Pro models will be a little later than anticipated. One of the suppliers in Asia got hit by the tsunami. Those are hard to ride in!

It mostly looks great

I’m a happy Torker ax 29 owner, and it is good to see the brand step up to ISIS, standard bearings, and the price looks good.

I’m not so sure about the 2.6 muni tire. I think fatter is better in a muni tire, soft soil needs it or you sink .

Can’t beat the price though. I have never seen one, but I would bet 10 $ that they are as tough as a Nimbus. Torker makes big production runs, updates seldom , and aims for a low price.

I am curious where they are made, and by who? KH’s are designed in Canada by KH and made somewhere (?) in Taiwan, mostly.

Torker has always seemed to me to be a bit more aloft and industrial in it’s take on our sport. KH has Kris Holm posting as danger uni, writing about cutting edge tech stuff and asking the world’s best riders to help him hone the machine, while Torker is largely without a known figurehead and seemed to be dropping into orphan tech. Odd expensive bearings that lead to threads on how to rebuild bearings that cost 30 $ /pair.Cranks that cost 100 $/pair, yet everyone panned as not as good as the 70 $ KH set.

Where ever the guiding folks at Torker reside, I am happy to see them back with a serious piece of unicycle. The cx’s totally suck, except for their price. 3497 comments have been made that you should never buy a cx, always an lx or better.

Maybe the tune will change if the Torker dx 20 gets great reviews. Can’t beat the price, and I bet it is a good tough thing.

I still think a 24 muni needs a 3" tire. Look at all the money people throw at Surley to get an even fatter tire. The choice of a thin tire in the 24 muni is a big mistake IMHO.