2009 Ride 542 - Mt Baker Hill Climb

Sunday, September 13th 2009

The ride is a 24.5 mile cycling challenge for recreation, competitive and first time cyclists of all ages. RIDE 542 follows the Mt. Baker Highway (SR542) from the town of Glacier (e. 955ft) 24.5 miles to its terminus at Artist Point (e. 5140 ft), on the border of North Cascades National Park.

Norka Recreation is interested in adding a category start for unicycles. A time slot for unicycles has been set aside. Substantial cash prize money will be awarded if several unicycles will show and complete the ride. Ride details and information is available at Ride 542 Info

A short video of the 2007 Ride 542 is available at 2007 Ride 542-Mt. Baker Hill Climb Video

Course record for unicycle is 2:31:46 (2007)

Is anyone interested or planning on completing the ride?

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This course looks like a fantastic ride - I wish I could be there! Hill climbing is fun.

I hope a few more unicyclists can make it, and I look forward to hearing about how it goes.


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Hill climbing is fun.

To bad your not able to do this ride. If we could field ten or so unicyclists they are talking about cash prizes three deep for both male and female. Maybe a bonus of as much as $500 for beating a threshold time of around 2:15.

Its also fun because even though I’m a slow rider and in the 50 plus age group I have finished with a faster time than 10% of the other cyclists.

Hopefully some of the riders who live a little closer than you will step up to the challenge.

And Sam is right:

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Hill climbing is my idea of a good time. “Just like fun, but better” as they say. I’d love to ride this. Do you think you could move Mt. Baker, oh say, 300 miles to the South? That would make it so much more convenient. I’d definitely do it then.
My local mountain biker friends tell me that it’s a requirement to be hung over at race time. Is this true in Washington too?

I climbed a hill that was like 2 km long, and it was like 300ish meters of elevation…on my Coker…with 114mm cranks! It was really hard but it was fun, I’ll do it again for sure

Move Mt. Baker

If we could move Mt. Baker I don’t think the climb would amount to much. It would maybe like Mt. St. Helens and end up spread all over the country. Might no longer have it’s top.

Make the trip, do the ride, enjoy, and go home a winner.

I think that would be a matter of personal choice. They don’t scratch you off the start list here if your sober.

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Here is the route mapped out:


It looks like a cool ride! What size unicycle is appropriate? Is 29" good, or can one ride up miles of 7% grade on a Coker without dying?

I would suggest a Coker

I usually do it on a 36. But this spring I did the ride on a 43 Semcycle.
Glacier to Mt Baker upper lodge (NorKa Ride 542 route)

The maybe the hardest part is the cambered corners at what is locally called ‘Powerhouse Hill’ a little over 7 miles into the ride.

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