2009 kh stuff udc

:sunglasses: I just checked UDC USA and they have the 09 Kris Holm Stuff in check it.

Finally! I just ordered myself a T-bar touring handle and the new fusion freeride saddle to go along with it. The handle was a little more expensive than I was anticipating, but at least it comes with the reinforcement plate.

Too bad the bearing shims have to be so costly.

Why do they call them “bearing shims”, as if they were not actually bearings?

Also if you wanted a stiffer saddle you could get the 09 saddle and reinforcement plate for 10 bucks less than the CF base :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I was thinking about doing that, but the stiffener plate is another 700 gm, so that would be a much heavier saddle. Also, I’m not convinced that the stiffener would make a huge difference in seat stiffness, esp for muni since it only contacts the front two bolts of the seat post attachment. The stiffener is really meant for use with a touring handle.

I was thinking the same thng when I was looking at it.:stuck_out_tongue:

cause all they give you is the small metal shim, not the bearings as well.

The price is not bad if it includes the bearings along with the shims. It is pretty steep if it is for the shims alone. There are a couple of reasons I think these must include bearings.

First of all, there is no mention of the actual bearing that you would need with the shim to work with 40mm bearing holders. This is just bad salesmanship. If you aren’t going to include the bearings wouldn’t you want to make it easy for people to piggy back the bearings to the order?

Secondly, there is no listing in the bearings section for the appropriate bearing to mate with the shim. Do they want us to do a lot of research to find this elusive bearing somewhere else? They don’t even tell us what the bearing number is.

Let’s not forget how bad some of the UDC descriptions are either. They should give much more info about almost everything they sell. And at least some of the information they put out is just wrong, like in the case of the specs on the Torker LX.

Of course you could always call UDC, and they will tell you what the website doesn’t.

I also pulled the trigger on a T-bar and 09 saddle combo for my 36er. Not looking forward to the added weight, but really hoping a lot that it helps me find “hot spot” relief on longer stints in the saddle. And I nailed the anticipated price, figuring it’d be around $150-175, though I wish it was much lower.

I think I agree with you. Those bearings look pretty special and UDC usually does a pretty good job in linking customers to necessarily related products.