2009 KH 36, T Bar, Ti Hub, Low Miles

I built this up last year with plans to ride xc trails, greenways, etc…, but muni is my life, so this gorgeous 36er has been ridden fewer than ten times, it is about as fresh as it can be without being new out of the box. Never seen rain, stored in the house, not a scratch on her.

This is the best of the best of the best, no expense spared:

2009 KH “natural” frame clear coated
2009 KH Ti Hub, the original welded version, super light, $400 retail!
2009 Nimbus Stealth Rim, black spokes, red nips
2009 Nimbus Nightrider Tire, Tube
2009 KH Freeride Seat (red cover not available, incuded cover is is grey)
2010 KH Touring Bar with stiffener plate
Magura HS 33 hydraulic brake (red)
KH seat post clamp (Salsa QR shown is extra $$)
Animal nylon pedal (red)
Choice of Cranks: KH 165/135, KH 137, KH 125, Venture II 165 (7000 series)

$950 plus shipping.

No Trades. No Bargain Shoppers. Serious Inquiries with Cash, PayPal accepted, Domestic Sale Only.

More pics to come…

What, not even a weak attempt at making an offer, what gives?

trade ya my mtb for that and the larry lol


I will offer you $400.
…and a virtual high-five.

I already have a 36, but I am interested in the brake, if you ever decide to part it out.

However, if I were you, I wouldn’t part out such a beautiful machine.

here ya go austin Two sets of 2004 Magura HS33 Limited Edition Olympia brakes with the gold lever

I had it loaned to a buddy the past couple weeks and just got it back last night. Now that it’s back in the stable I’m having second thoughts…

Having a 36er is pretty unique and since I have already taken the initial depreciation hit, it’s not like I can lose any more money…

Anyway, I’m off to Colorado for two weeks, may just bring it along since my guni isn’t ready yet :frowning:

i may need to barrow then :slight_smile: