2007 kh cranks/hub...videos

I just upgraded to the new kh 137mm trials, and had them built into my bedford light (replacing the bent cranks I had been riding on since the night I got it) and I’m wayy happy with them. I went downtown in Asheville yesterday and we got a bunch of video that I’m putting online today.


I must say woo. I don’t even notice a weight difference, and they are seriously tough. They make tricks easier for some reason. Maybe it’s the longer crank length (125’ before). That and there is no flex when I jump, and no detriment when I land.

is your rim Double walled?

Yes- Alex DX32

Rolling Out

Very nice riding. However I suggest that you roll out especially after the big drop or you will damage the cranks/hub/pedals.


And rolling out will put less stress on you, (your back for instance)

Thanks, I’ll try rolling out more. It’s just as easy to put the momentum into leaning and staying still when I’m aiming for a specific spot.