2007 KH 20 Trials

This is my sons uni, he never got into street or trials, so it’s been sitting in the gear room collecting dust. It’s in great shape, outfitted with 125 moments and Odyssey Twisted PC pedals.

As you can see, this uni has barely any use, cranks are brand new, tire still has the rubber “center ridge”, I’d say it’s been ridden a couple miles in total. Most of the frame scratches are from transport and the few times my son tried tricks.

$250 plus shipping from Tennessee, 37830.

No other cranks available, sold as is.

Quite a deal really, considering new a KH20 is $599 from UDC.

Send a PM is you have questions.

Here’s some pics:

Bump, still for sale, send a PM, thread locked to avoid distracting posts

Here’s the missing pics:

Uni is still for sale as of Aug 29, 2011. Thread closed to prevent errant posts :slight_smile: