2007 Dx!!!!

I ordered a 2006 DX and I actualy got a 2007!:):smiley: :sunglasses:
Here’s a picture of the new reinforced frame (the ring at the base of the seat tube):


lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does the wheel look off center?

Probably from the slight angle of how the picture was took.

A lot of people complain about how there is too much clearence, but that shouldnt matter at all because its a trials uni. =p

My friend has a Norco M-Uni 20", and his tire is off center about 1/8" due to the wheel builder not perfectly truing it… he rides my Uni with the nice straight wheel and he turns to one side all the time because of his wheel :frowning:

But people use trials unis for street and sometimes that includes freestyle kind of stuff. It also would suck more for trials with a higher crown because it would hit your knees easier.

Thats true, but the clearance isnt much of an issue unless your gliding or doing standup tricks really.

Im not sure about hitting the knees though, cause I have never done it on any of the unis I have rode on, neither have my friends. I can see how it can happen easier with a higher crown, but simple adjustments is all you need to make sure your knees dont get hit.

That sucks. One time I had to use a really small tube for my tire until I had a good replacement, but the tube was deformed and would be off centered now matter what I did, so it just made my whole uni lean to one side, so I had to lean to the right to counter it. It even happened if I barely pushed it with my hand, you would feel it being pulled to the left.

accually, i got mine tuesday, and it also looks off center just slightly.
there is also some CRAZY tire clearence. i cant stand up ww any more…


Odd, I laced my wheel and it’s only off center where the rim has dents in it :smiley:

Old crappy BMX rim I laced onto the Uni hub, it came with no rim, spokes, or tire.

It’s just the picture. the rim is perfectly centered.

lucky…when i ordered the dx i got the old model, so i didn’t buy it lol

i don’t think they call it a “2007”. they just changed the crappy frame that came with it originally.

yea they don’t go by year…but on UDC it does say 2006 model


My uni came with a free 6 month NBR membership and I need to locate my serial number. Where is it?!?!?!?!? :thinking:

ya i just got the dx 24 in. for muni and the crown is too high up for me to just fool around and do wheel walks and stuff. also when i go one footed i just stick my foot out to the side instead of on the crown. oh well.

I did that even with the frame that had less clearance, it just takes practice. When you are pulling your foot up pull it up to the point where it feels excessively high and it will be in the right spot. Keep doing that and you will get used to it and it will come naturally.

You dont need the frame when doing a WW. Both feet are on the tire and dont go up onto the frame.

It could be the frame that is off center and not the wheel. Flip the wheel around in the frame. If the wheel leans to the same side then it’s the frame and not the wheel.

There are also spacers on the hub to position the bearings. Make sure the spacers are the same on both sides of the hub and that the bearings are pressed snug against the spacers. If there is an extra spacer or something between the hub body and the bearing then the wheel is going to be off center. Not likely that is the problem, but it’s worth checking. You’ll have to pull the cranks and bearings off the hub to check.

I’ll keep that in mind.

When I first tried to onefoot this thing, I was surprised at how easy it was compared to my brother’s LX. I saw the exsessive frame clearance but it doesn’t effect my one footing.