2006 or 2007 DX?

i have the money now to buy a torker dx, but im wondering if i should get it now, or wait for the 2007

Wait for the 2007 model.

The 2006 model is good, but the frame is very prone to breaking at the weld of the seat post.

The 2007 is reinforced there and should be stronger and not have a frame problem.

“should” is the keyword there.

Well, there is a post about the 2007 model, and it showed the inside of the new frame.

I put should because no one has riddn the new model, or test it out. So we wont really know until people start riding them. I wouldnt worry to much anways, Torker has a lifetime warrenty.

if they have a lifetime waranty then couldnt i just get a new frame if it breaks anyways. and does anyone know if the 2007 model will cost more at all?

Yeah, but id rather have a frame that wont give me the troubles of breaking, shipping it there, aiting for a new one to get shipped back.

You could e-mail torker and ask about it, they will probably be more helpful.

Whoa they have pics of the 07s where do you see that?


I don’t know how long untill the new ones are out, Justin Kozy already has the new frame and from what I hear is giving it a beating to test it out. They are going to try to make the 2007 DX model the best they can without increasing the price, it might go up a little, I don’t know.

Not only will the frame be stronger, they are working up a newly designed seat, that has a stronger base and is slimmer, less foam.