2006 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Sept. 22-24


that might be easier. you can regular click that one and it should give you the file. then unzip it.

I’ll be looking for a cabin in Truckee, or nearby areas. I’ll be providing maps & directions later on, using regular graphics or web links for people who don’t have Google Eargh. Google Earth is way cool though…

If you want to stay at Lloyd’s give him a call or email. If you would like to reserve a cabin spot (price determined by rental cost divided by # of people) let me know with an email. Lloyd’s house will fill up very fast, and the cabin(s) will be unknown until we book and find out how many beds are available.

Myself and Jake S. will be there…i mean how could we miss it?:slight_smile:

Danny, Im glad to see youll be there. I have come to expect to see you at the CMW’s and it wouldnt be the same without you.

See you all there!

Man haven’t posted in a while…

I’ll most likely be there.

It sounds like it’'ll be even bigger than SB last year, i mean, people coming from Nebraska? Nice.


Ohh man im glad im not with Nicole anymore. Her b-day was Sept 22 and she hates uni, so I would not have been able to go. But hellz ya ninja I am THERE!!!

The registration form is now live. Instructions:

  • Download it and/or open it in Adobe Viewer or similar application (form fields may not work in Apple’s Preview app).
  • Fill out all the details using your keyboard, so we can read it. The form will also do your math for you.
  • Print it out when finished, then sign the waiver at the bottom.
  • Send it to me the old fashioned way (snail-mail) with a check!

There are a few spots available at Lloyd Johnson’s house. These will go fast. Contact Lloyd to reserve one of these (see link below). I have booked two cabins in Truckee. Depending on number of guests, these will cost about $100 per person for the weekend. Reserve your space there with an email to me. A link to a listing of nearby hotels/motels is also available.

Check out the whole site. Most of it’s there now, with maps & directions to follow later.

From July 22 through August 13 for Unicon. Your cabin requests will be taken in the order they hit my inbox, and you’ll hear back from me after August 13 (or in the next two days if you’re quick)

Lloyd never reads it, and I’m going to pay attention to emails only.


Just a reminder/bump to say that now’s the best time to reserve a spot at Lloyd’s house or in one of the cabins I’ve reserved. Read above, and the web site, for more details. 8 or 9 cabin spots are already taken!

Do those rides sound intimidating? Rather ride something else? Let us know, it still might be possible to make a change if lots of people agree on it. Sorry, Northstar is not available this year, and the Dirty Harry trail is not cycle-legal.

I’ll be back August 13 (late). Bye!

Musicians @ california muni fest

Does anyone happen to be going to the California Muni fest play bluegrass/acoustic music, etc? I play the fiddle and was wondering if there will be other folks to jam with, (i.e. if I should bring my fiddle). Please respond if you can.

do i need permission to sell tshirts at the muni weekend?

the texas juggling society has a great uni shirt that i could sell for them.

i’d offer you a place to stay, but i have to check with my mum first…
other than that llyods yard is really big.

I hope to help llyod with a trials course for CMW, it would be great.
as soon as i get back from France, i’l start on the planning of CMW with them, jetlag or no jetlag.

Team Truckee looks forward to everyone who comes this year.

i do, bring it. i’ll bring my mandolin and violin if you bring yours.
i’m a bit rusty, so be prepared for some off tune notes.

I may have yard space for some but i have to check with the parentals. Check back with me after the 20th of august.

has cabin space filled up yet? john foss, have you received any emails from me?


Trials structure “potluck”

Last year we got spoiled with all the trials structures that were available to play on during the trials competition in Santa Barbara. I don’t know how much we will have this year, but I was going to suggest a trials structure “potluck”. Those people with the ability to transport a structure from their home location, could bring one or several. That way, if Lloyd and helpers are running short on structures, the potluck riders, could add to them.
It would also reduce the burden on Lloyd to take the time build all the structures, as well.


I’m sure I could bring a few obstacles. they aren’t anything too great though.

we’re (i’m :stuck_out_tongue: ) currently planning it out and working on it. Potluck items would be very welcome, i’m sure.

i’ve been planning out some stuff, and i have yet to talk to lloyd about where the course is going to be. i think its at his house but i’m not sure.

That’s a great idea, Rod! I don’t quite have the ideal vehicle for transporting trials equipment but I’ll take what I can. I’m not going to volunteer on Corbin’s behalf, buuuut, he did just buy a pickup truck :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost surely won’t be there… damn. My fall break is in October. Maybe talk to Ben PS (same school), see what he’s figured out.

It’s a free country, sell what you want.

Welcome back from France about now, ababibble! Jacquie and I were there for a week after Unicon (Paris). Please let us know what you can offer MUni Weekend people for a place to stay at your house when you find out, and thanks!.

As far as Lloyd’s house and yard, I think his main limitation is on hot water and # of bathrooms. He’s keeping things limited so there’s enough to go around.

I think it’s an awesome idea, and I can’t imagine it being a problem for Lloyd. However I recommend you share your ideas on what you’re bringing, so several people don’t end up driving hundreds of miles with lumber that’s all going to do the same thing, or something Lloyd’s also building/built.

The Trials and Street events may be in Lloyd’s driveway, or they may move to Truckee River Regional Park, along with a re-arrangement of the day’s schedule to match. This remains TBA until some details get worked out. Like permission to do it.

That’s the basic facts. In practice, I’d hope you only sell to people who already bought a MUni Weekend shirt, unless we run out of their size. Your shirt’s design looks like it was at least a little bit influenced by the Moab Muni Fest shirts. The MUni Weekend design should be figured out by the end of this week. Ideas/suggestions for designs, colors, concepts are still welcome!

Also the cabins are not yet full, but we have a number of guests already signed up. So far we have actual registrations from six Californians, plus people in New Mexico, Ohio, North Carolina and Texas! Still haven’t heard from a lot of you “regulars.”

7 or 8 cabin spots are earmarked, but several of the above guests are staying in a third cabin that Eyal has set up on his own.