2005 kh vs 2007 kh?

which one’s better? I heard that the 2007ones are stronger but is the frame really better than the 2005?
Also what about the cranks?

very curious :thinking: :thinking:

I like the cranks better on the 07, longer, better to roll out, and flips and what not. The weight is about the same. The frame is better for onefoot tricks, stand up wheel walking tricks, and one foot coasting (good for street that way). Rims wider, harder to bend or warp, though i’ve never had a problem. Not sure really. I love them both, both amazing unicycles. If I have to say 07 1st best, 05 2nd, then something from someone else, lol

-Shaun Johanneson

Aren’t the 07s 3mm shorter?

I ride the 127 05 cranks and I like them. They are not strong but I don’t do anything big. I have briefly ridden the 07s and those are really nice. They are wide at the top so its nice to stand on. The chrome cranks look better in videos too, its easier to see. The 07s are a lot stronger, I think I have only heard about one person bending them so far and I know of people that bent the 05 cranks in a few rides.

aren’t the 05 ones better at street though?

also, why are the 07 cranks cheaper than 05 ones if they are better?

The 07 trials has a choice of 125 or 137 mm cranks vs. 127 or 140 mm, and not as strong as the 07’s, as Spencer said.
The larger crank size options, for the 24 and 29, are still 150 and 165 mm.

Edit: I believe you can get any crank size on any wheel size you want. Just let UDC know if it’s an unusual one.

Kh05 Vs Kh07

Everything about the New KH07 models is better. Not that the 05 models were not GREAT! I have a KH29" 2005 and also a KH24" 2007. I like both Unicycle a lot but Kris made some great design improvements on the 07 models. See my earlier thread for a complete review.

As for why they are cheaper. There could be a few reasons.

  1. Aluminum might be chaper than CroMolly.
  2. The industrial process and machinery used for the 07 models might be cheaper.
  3. The 05 models are probably not being manufactured any more. Ever try to find old classic car parts!

Just look at computers. They keep getting both more powerful and cheaper!


and computers break more often… bad example i think lol

and as for the 05 cranks breaking that was the thinner weaker ones, the thicker ones dotn seem to break much. and crmo is more expensive than aluminium, but much cheaper to weld. Hence aluminium frames being more expensive. also T7005 aluminium is expensive.

There was a Thinner Weaker one in kh 05? so not all kh 05s have the same cranks? What do you mean by the thicker ones?