2004 vs 2005 KH trials

This is probably already been covered but i was wondering if i could get some help. I am looking to buy the 2005 model KH trials but i found a 2004 second hand and was wondering wether it was worthwhile or better just to keep saving and get the 2005 model. Is there any major differences in the models?

I have the 2004 hub. Its got alot les splines but they are immensly beefier. Its a good solid setup and i love mine. 2-3 ft drops all the time and no bends or twists at all.

Now the 2005 is arguably better but i havent rideen one so i cant tell you how well it performs. The 2005 has alot more splines that are smaller and im pretty sure its lighter aswell.

Hope that helps and someone else should be along soon to provide more insight.


The weight is probably the most significant difference. The crank/hub interface is more reliable and argueably stronger on the '05. The 04’s can tend to have the notorious “creaking” issues. That being said the 04’s are still a strong reliable setup, and if they’re truly 04’s they will have the rounded crank bolts with no nubs.

Weight and Q-factor(kindof the distance between the pedals) are the noticeable differences for me.

Less noticeably the new design to attach the cranks to the hub is much nicer to maintain and the Fusion saddle is easer to Mod because it is easily removable.

I dont think the two uni’s compare myself. The 04 Kh’s have issues, and have nubby cranks, and steel heavier frames. The 05 KH’s have aluminum frames, and are much lighter. The hubs are probably the best overall hub on the market.

IMHO the 04s are stronger by a noticeable amount. But you won’t need the extra strength unless you are fat like myself and Harper. The 05’s are noticeably lighter. I don’t really buy into the whole stronger crank interface thing, but thats probably because I maintain my unicycles pretty well so they don’t creak and I have never had an issue with the interface.

Edit: Oh and I like the 2 bolt system on the old cranks better than any of the hubs with a single bolt.

Hear Hear!

I agreee completely with everything you said…if you stay on top of maintenance the Uni will last longer and creak less. I love my Old School KH

well my kh 05 creaked from the beginning and still do…

Why didnt you ask me to try mine at Niagara???

I did ride it…You were in the washroom and i took it for a ride…But the seat was to high so i never bothered to ask to really " Ride " it.

sigh, me first ever thread :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 2004, 2005 and 2007.
In Canada, the 2004 has a cheezy hub, & cheep pedals. Its a great value, but wont last you long.
I liked the 2005 cranks Q factor, except they are hollow and bend on big drops.

2007 has the best seat, and strongest cranks. The Q factor is less, but they’re solid.
If you’re doing more street than trials, get the 2005 and replace the seat if/when you care.

Was it the early batch of 2005 cranks that were too thin and being bent off tiny drops? If so, my friend Phil had those and bent them doing a rolling hop up a 4 set, he also ripped his seat right off the base on the same jump.

Usually I would remember exactly, but its 3am and i’m not entirely all here.