2004 TOque Games - Last Chance for Pre-registration


If you are planning on attending the 2004 TOque Games in Toronto Ontario this is your last chance for pre-registration. You must e-mail me by Monday March 1 with the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Events you wish to do (including category)
  • T-shirt size

After March 1 you will be required to pay the onsite registration fee aswell as the Bike Show entrance fee.

The site has been updated to include this years t-shirt design and the event schedule will be available within the next day.

Currently there are over 40 registered competitors, so it’s shaping up to be quite the event.

Please e-mail me if you have any further questions.



I registered with Jeff at Motorama and gave him my money. He asked me to drop you an e-mail but ill just post instead. I signed up for sport trials, expert long jump and expert high jump.

My name is Trip Glazer

I did the same as Trip. My name is Frank, I’m 20, I think I signed up for sport trials and sport UMX, and I’ll take size medium. Thanks


hi carl. i sent my (Kevin McMullin’s) registration form to you. could you just post or PM whether you got it or not?

Thanks, Kevin

sigh… stupid high ticket prices.

$20 CDN = $16 USD

Sounds like a road trip is in order. It’d probably cost about $130 for gas in my car, split between the two of us, which sure beats the $763 each for airfare.

Hey Carl,
Are the t-shirts going to be for sale, or only available to competitors?


The schedule for the event has been posted.

I’ll answer everyone in one go …

Trip, Frank and Kevin - You guys are all taken care of. See you next week.

Spyder (Peter?) - Competitors will have first take at the t-shirts, but any leftovers will be sold to whoever wants one.

Gilby and Max - if you guys plan on attending let me know ASAP. I’ll see if we can work out a place for you guys to stay.


Thanks Carl. You were right, I’m Peter.