2002 Toronto International Bike Show

What a weekend … it was great … best Toronto Bike Show I’ve
ever been to … I’m extremely sore. :slight_smile:

Some pictures to start you off:

The Toronto Unicyclists attended the 2002 Toronto International
Bike Show this past weekend and showed all those two wheel
dependants how to do it all on one wheel. I think it was a great
success. We had much more room this year than we had last year,
so we were able to have a complete trials setup, including car,
as well as the Bedford Unicycles booth (first time Darren was
able to sell unicycles at the show).

The show is fairly big … some of the best BMX flatland, BMX
street and dirt jumpers in the world come to compete. The Norco
Bike Trials team puts on demos and thousands of people attend the
show over the weekend.

We held 12 demos over the course of the 3 day show … which
included everything from standard skill demonstrations to full
out trials on a car and other obstacles. In addition to the demos
we put on we also allowed people to give unicycling a try. My
guess is that close to 100 people tried unicycles over the span
of the weekend, if not more and Darren even managed to sell

One of the highlights for me was Robin Coope of the Norco Trials
team coming over and announcing one of our trials demos.

In addition to our TV which played unicycle videos non-stop there
was also a mountain bike film festival which included 3 showings
of One Tired Guy. Unfortunately, at the showing we all attended
it was pretty much just us, however, I’d like to think that’s
because all the people attending the show watched it at our
booth. We had quite the crowd around the TV and our demos at
times, which was nice to see.

The last item I’d like to mention was what I saw when I took a
tour of the various booths (most of which were bike shops) on
Friday … 3 of them had different Kris Holm clips playing on
their TV’s. That was really awesome!

I’m sure there will be more pictures from the show posted over
the next few days.

Oh, we also made the local news on Friday evening which promoted
the bike show.