200 mm seat post for a 6'2 guy?

Would it be okay if I got a 200 mm post even though i’m 6’2? Whenever I buy the 300 mm post i have to cut it a bit so would that be okay? From my crotch to the ground is 32 inches. Please give me opinions im deciding on wether to buy this uni or not

It depends - the seat post length you need will vary with the frame size and crank length and, to a lesser extent, the intended use. For example, I have more post showing on my 24" freestyle than on my 24" MUni and my 29er has a few inches less than the others.

Seat posts are relatively inexpensive to replace so if the rest of the uni works for you I wouldn’t let the seat post length be the deciding factor.

Sorry it’s a 20 inch nimbus trials uni. Please answer people, I need to know if I can do this as soon as possible.

Get the Nimbus X long neck frame. I’m a little taller than you, and it’s great for me.

Sorry I can’t help with the seatpost length (I’m not an expert:o)

Metric ain’t magic. The 200mm post is 100mm shorter than a 300mm post.

100mm is equal to almost exactly 4 inches.

For the record, 200mm is equal to just under 8 inches.

So measure the post you have now. Then you’ll know.

jeez, just get the largest seatpost you can buy and find a friend with a pipe cutter.

hehehe, I run a 100mm on my nightrider, and even all the way down it’s too big for the 150 cranks xP I’m a 5’8" “short stuff”

A 200 mm post is too short for someone 6’2" on a 20 inch unicycle, even for trials. I’m 6’3" and have a 350 mm on my KH20 and it’s too short to ride trials with and much too short to actually sit and pedal for any amount of time.

im 6’2. 200mm is entirely too short. youll probably need a 400mm with a few mm cut off.

Holy crap. The seat posts on UDC are a lot cheaper than I expected. 12 bucks for a KH seat post? Thanks for answering guys, im probably going to buy the unicycle and buy the kris holm seatpost seperately