20" Trials, Weeeeeee!

Got my new Summit 20 the other day.

On the very first session (with some simple advice from a kid) I was able to ride Seat on Stomach / Seat out Front for the first time in my life. (wobbly, but still in the W column). This is the only thing keeping me from level 3.

Also hopped all the way up flight of 7 stairs on second attempt.

Great workout. After last night’s 30 minutes of boinging around in front of my house, I could feel the Abs. Sweating like a spinkler.

Great Fun.:smiley:

Re: 20" Trials, Weeeeeee!

I couldn’t pass that typo up: were you sweating like a SPRINKLER or SPHINCTER

BTW, congrads on your new uni!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Tee Hee. Therapist would love to wrap around that one.

BTW: Sphincter still pretty tight since attack by 5’ Giraffe in June.

Re: 20" Trials, Weeeeeee!

Sounds like you are really going to enjoy your new Summit 20". Congrats on hopping up the 7 steps. That is incredible, at least to me!!! --chirokid–

Re: 20" Trials, Weeeeeee!


Did you buy one of the “on sale” Summits? On my new Summit, it’s taken me two days of effort just to get where I can hop up three steps and ride out of it.

I’m thinking maybe it’s a defective unit, and I need to send it back to John Drummond. I noticed that UniBrier’s Summit also goes up stairs much better than mine does. :smiley:

Re: Re: 20" Trials, Weeeeeee!

Thanks for the heads-up Tom. I will make sure and specify a “stairs” model when I order my next unicycle from John! :smiley:

Re: 20" Trials, Weeeeeee!

This could be misconstued. Understand that I hopped up 7 stairs one-at-a-time, not all 7 in one magnificient leap.

Yes, I got the on-sale Summit. But you must ask for the “Weeeeee” upgrade. They install it free in Georgia.

I will not buy one, I will not buy one, i will not buy one… yea keep saying that you may soon believe it.:smiley: Hmmm were can I hide that for a while so my wife doesn’t see it? I am going to have to get a lot better before I can justify another uni purchase. Wait a minute, I need some 140 cranks fo my KH24, hmm wouldn’t it be smarter to buy the Summit for the small difference in price, and get a Kick Butt trials Uni at a great price. Get the behind me devil.:smiley:

If you’re going to get cranks anyway, it only makes sense to buy the Summit NOW and split the shipping charge between the two. You’re actually SAVING yourself $$.

Re: 20" Trials, Weeeeeee!

So a Trials unicycle makes it much easier to hop around and up steps? I have me a probable freestyle and it sucks for it.

I need a new unicycle, maybe I should look into the Summit:D