20" Torker Unistar CX

i have a unicycle that my son “had to have” and then lost interest in after about a month. it is in great shape. $40, I’m in Doylestown, PA. you can all me at 215-348-1058. My name is Bill.

try encouraging him to use it some more, you really can’t get into unicycle fast, and if he never really learned to ride, then he’s given up on it being fun before he even started!!

it takes a good number of hours before you can ride one, but once you do, you can only get better.

: ) see if you can get him to ride anymore, I’m sure you’ll find a buyer if he really isn’t interested, there are always people on here looking for beginner cycles. He may just be discouraged after trying and not getting anywhere with it.

Ditto. I ‘tried’ and gave up a couple times over the years, but finally got determined a couple months ago. Since then it has been nothing but progress, and a lot of fun and satisfaction. How old is he? You can probably help him and make his learning go faster. I helped my daughter (12) and my nephew (15) mostly be giving them encouragement, and by being willing to go out in the street and walk beside them to give a shoulder or hand to hold. Amazing how quickly they did not need the help! (If only I could have learned that quick :o) Check out the first several posts on the ‘Learning Journal’ thread over in the Just Conversation forum to see the specific steps I went through in the early going…