20" Nimbus TRIALS

check it out


Is it ISIS or square taper? It looks like square taper but I can’t really tell, it would really help if you want to sell it.

not isis unfortunately…only square

joey, why ya selling the 20"? do you just not ride it enough anymore?

i like the looks of it. if i really wanted could i convert it to isis or no?

if so and i get the O-K from my folks, then ill take it :smiley: i hope

It’s not ideal, but there are ways to make it work.

I think that frame is made for 40mm bearings, and ISIS hubs have 42mm bearings. It has pressed bearing holders, and some people have had success with putting 42mm bearings in them without much trouble, but I think you would be better to have bearings that fit your bearing holders.

You could use the new bearings with adaptors to fit an ISIS hub on that frame, but that will add $26 to the price of the ISIS hub. Once you start spending that kind of money to retrofit a new hub to an old frame it starts to make sense to just get a new frame.

kk, found a sure way to change it to ISIS, (will cost me some money but oh well), just gotta get the O-K from my folks and im all good :slight_smile:

would you ship to canada?

sold yet?

Sold as of today, sorry.