20" Muni for 8 year old

I just finished cutting down a 20" UDC Trainer uni to fit my 8 year old. I had to cut off 4" from the seat tube and the seat post. Drilled a hole at the top of the seat tube and cut a slot with my dremel. Then I replaced the standard tire with an off road tire that I picked up at my local Benny’s store. Here’s the results.

What a nice project and, from the photo, excellent results. In scale it looks like a MUni. Do you two ride together frequently?

I did the same for my son when he was eight, he now has his own 20" Nimbus Club freestyle with a green tyre to match the green frame.

very cool!

my son got his nimbus 24" when he was 8 1/2, now his nine…(had also to cut the frame of course):

Thanks, we do ride together out in front of the house. He on his 16" Torker and me on my 24". We’re both looking forward to riding in the woods together.